Sunday, April 21, 2013


This is how the weekend began. On Friday afternoon we sat  outside under the umbrella in the front garden.

It was warm and still and the fragrance of the Confederate jasmine, which is on the trellis by the front door, filled the air.

It was one of those perfect evenings. we should do this more often.

With two of our young grandchildren in town for the weekend we thought it the perfect opportunity to take them along to the East Austin Garden Fair sponsored by Texas AgriLife Extensionservice. It was a chilly Saturday morning but the sun was shining brightly.


Our first stop was to visit the chickens, brought in by fellow garden blogger and Master Gardener Ally, from Gardenally Who knew that chickens like raisins, although it was much easier just to drop them into the cage than risk a pecked finger.

Then the children learnt why the eggs have a different color and what kind of house they live in.

Next stop was at the bee hive. Not too sure about this.

Until under the safety of a bee keeper's hat.

And learning how bees are calmed with smoke.

Time to visit the craft table and make a bug house.

I visited with Vicki from Playinoutside, who was there demonstrating the rain water harvesting and this little butterfly water station she made. I think this is next on my project list.

Then, because we were in the neighborhood we stopped in at East Austin Succulents.

I had not been there for a long time and couldn't believe their selection. You had better know what you are looking for or you may be in serious trouble.

And of course I didn't go with a purchase in mind so I left empty handed... this time!

We rounded out a busy day with a visit to the Salt Lick to celebrate our son's birthday. I hope I have the energy to work in the garden on Sunday.


  1. What a great day you all had. And wasn't the weather glorious this weekend? We have to take every advantage of the nice weather now, so make up for the dog days of summer!

  2. What a great day! So fun to see the kids' faces, while they're learning new things about nature.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Happy gardening....

  3. I need to plan a perfect time like that into each week that I can...too much contention anymore! What you all did sounds like a great way to wind down and enjoy what's important.

  4. Looks like a fun day! Little Abby the chicken enjoyed her day out and especially enjoyed all the extra raisins and treats. I talked to so many wonderful people about chickens. I'm very excited about all the people interested in backyard chicken keeping. Chickens are fun and rewarding pets. Thanks for coming to the fair and bringing your family.

  5. Thanks for stopping by the garden fair and bringing your lovely grandchildren! I'm very glad that you all enjoyed the day. We certainly enjoyed being out there and meeting/sharing with so many wonderful people.

  6. A grand time was had by all! It was great to see you.

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  8. Thanks for such a beautiful post about our East Austin Garden Fair! I'm so glad your family enjoyed the experience. As the event coordinator, I wonder if we could chat offline - I would love to feature a couple of your photos on our new Extension - Horticulture website, if you would like that. Thanks again!

  9. What a fun day you all had! I bet the kids loved seeing the chickens especially. And ending the fun at the Salt Lick sounds just about perfect.