Saturday, March 15, 2014


Welcome to March in my garden, which is far from being its normal self following a terrible freeze just over a week ago. We are not used to having a temperature as low as 20° at this time of the year and it has taken its toll on Southern gardens. Despite this, there are some plants who just don't care and they are the ones blooming today.

In the early morning Tulipa clusiana Lady Jane showing her underskirts.

An hour later she begins her show,

Until finally her petals are fully open. In Texas these are the only tulips that can be grown successfully, naturalizing and returning whatever the weather. I think they are sorely under utilized.

This large agarita bush, Mahonia trifoliata, was just a little behind some of the others and so her blossoms managed to survive unscathed. There is an intense honey fragrance on the air today.

A cluster of unknown narcissi on the corner of the once named Spanish oak garden. I shall be sorry when their blooming finishes because they have just been magnificent this year. I think the spring bulbs have benefited from our very cold winter.

Viburnum 'Spring bouquet' Has been its most magnificent this year.

Close up of viburnum flowers.


Summer snowfake, Leucojum aestivum.

Narcissi with California poppy.

First buds on the stocks.

Gopher plant, Euphorbia rigida

Erigeron daisy.

The first of many bluebonnets to come. Please join Carol at Maydreams to share your March blooms.


  1. That Lady Jane tulip sure is a beauty. I think spring is finally here. After the winter we had, I think I will enjoy it all the more!

  2. I love the Euphorbia and just bought one yesterday. I saw it in the ground and in a very round squat pot where its arms were flowing over the sides. I can't decide how I will plant it. Happy GBBD!

  3. This is the time of year I am so envious of you southern gardeners. Stunning! Your garden is amazing in all seasons, it seems.

  4. Beautiful! Seems like most Texans do not care for the cold weather, however the Spring bulbs sure do! That Lady Jane tulip is lovely. Where did you purchase it? Love a tulip that will naturalize and return every year.

  5. I love Lady Jane tulip as well, she's one of my favorites. Happy GBBD!

  6. The Tulips are special, but I'm taken with a Narcissus and a California Poppy blooming together. My California Poppies are not blooming size yet. The Daffodils will all be gone....

  7. So many pretties in your garden, Jenny! I bought and planted some of the clusiana a couple of years ago and they never did much for me. They put out one set of wimpy blooms--nothing like those you have and they never bloomed again. That 'Spring bouquet' is also quite a show stopper. Sigh. So many plants, so little room.

  8. Your Ladies Jane are marvelous! I planted several a few years back and they didn't return; your slightly colder temps must be the difference. Happily, my species tulips are up. Happy GBBD.

  9. After seeing your 'Lady Jane,' I think I must try some species tulips again next year. Happy GBBD!

  10. What exactly is "stocks" Jenny?

  11. I used to grow Lady Jane, thank you for reminding me about her. She is so elegant. I wonder if your white Narcissus is Mount Hood?
    You have lots of beautiful plants in bloom despite your recent cold spell.

  12. I'm yet another who tried out the Lady Jane to little success. After looking at your beauties I'm of a mind to give them another try if I can find an appropriate spot. I have several poppy plants (including one the deer bit off close to ground level!) but nary a bloom yet. Your garden is simply exemplary in every way!

  13. Beautiful flowers, tulips look wonderful. We had lots of tulips and then one year they all just disappeared. I had no idea what happened to them.

  14. usual.
    We had a viburnum that never did that. Our neighbor, Elli, still has hers, and the blooms are much less showy. A different kind....or, just your magic.
    I love the Lady Jane. We get a bit colder here, too. Maybe I'll try it.
    Happy Bloomday.

  15. And I'm yet another Austin blogger who has seen little success with Lady Jane tulips. I wonder why? Yours are simply stunning.

  16. Those tulips look perfect! Looking forward to seeing more of your garden as spring and summer rolls on