Sunday, April 10, 2016


Who can deny the poppy a presence in the garden. They put on an amazing show with their short lived blooms.

Once in a while a frilled poppy would show up among my single-petaled varieties but this year I received a packet of frilled poppy seeds from a friend's garden.

 The paper-thin petals are constrained like a ball of crepe paper within two smooth sepals.

From a packet of mixed wildflower seeds scattered years ago only the corn poppy, Papaver rhoeas is a survivor. They are known for being able to survive for more than 80years.

A large red poppy, among all the pinks, found its way into my garden this year.

And when the petals fall the seed heads put on their own show. And as many as 60,000 seeds will be waiting for their chance to fill the garden with jeweled blooms.


  1. I've never had much success with this kind of poppy, but they are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

  2. Such a lovely display of poppies--nice post.

  3. Short-lived they may be but they're gorgeous! They grew with little help at a rental my husband and I lived in many, many years ago in Santa Monica but I've had trouble getting poppies of any kind to grow in my current garden.

  4. Love those frilly poppies. I must try some of those next year.

  5. great show of poppies this year. I've been sticking to pretty much one annual species (setigerum) but I love the color variances you're getting -- and the frills too.