Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The day before yesterday the parents were trying to coax the babies out of the nest. They were sitting in the bushes tweeting. Finally one bird came out. It was fluttering around on the ground and managed to fly up about 3 '  into the vine on the greenhouse. This went on for several hours the parents trying to get the bird to fly. I'm not sure when the others left the nest but the nest was empty a day later. I watched for a long time but finally left. It rained very heavily during the night. Yesterday one was in the potting shed, high up on the hanging rack. I'm not sure how it got inside. We opened the doors hoping it would leave. It did eventually. Our grandchildren were here and this morning our 11 year old shouted that there was a hawk sitting on the wall. We rushed out to shoo it away. Immediately the cardinal arrived. We have no idea what happened or if the hawk was successful. This afternoon both adult cardinals were flying into the garden and into the pyracantha espalier. A baby was in there. I think it has now left as all the activity has moved to the other side of the wall. Maybe only one made it.


  1. Oh dear. I know that's nature's way but still it's sad. At least there's one more cardinal out in the world.

  2. I think I've read that the mortality rate for fledgling baby birds is quite high so you are probably right that only one has survived. Thanks for this glimpse into the birds in your garden! And they will probably nest again.

  3. Of course such losses are commonplace to/for wildlife but it is a little heart breaking to be a close up witness. I really admire hawks as well as cardinals and typically ignore the idea what is good for one is not always so good for the other. I suppose it is all about the balance...