Sunday, November 13, 2016


David loves doing projects which is a good thing because I keep thinking of projects for him to do.

Between the side door of the house and the garage there is a wall with an opening. It has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. Summer breezes are nice but in winter the wind howls through there and summer and winter if the rain is in the right direction it blows through there wetting everything outside the door.

We needed something we could open and close. Shutters wouldn't look good with our style of house but a sliding barn door shutter would be perfect. A week ago on our Sunday walk we discussed how it should be. Tongue and groove paneling to match the door. David worked on it all week and yesterday we slid the door onto its barn door track.

I won't have to worry about leaving my gardening shoes outside the door.

The day before installation David worked incredibly hard cleaning the wall. This summer with that rain it was looking awfully stained from mildew. The plants have all been removed to the driveway where they will remain. Some of them will be going in the garage for the winter.
I'm thrilled with how the shutter looks. Thanks David.


  1. Dear Jenny, this is beautiful! And clever. And practical. You and David: what a creative team.

  2. that looks great...isn't it wonderful to have a capable & willing partner to bring your ideas to life? kudos all 'round!

  3. Very stylish and utterly perfect for your house!

  4. Your opening sentence cracked me up, because I could substitute "Marty" for "David" and it would describe the situation here as well. I love it when two minds work together to come up with such a stunning result. Well done, the both of you!

  5. That looks terrific. Nice idea, both of you, and great job on the installation, David.