Thursday, January 5, 2017


I rather wish it was right up my street but Terrain is over 1800 miles away in Westport, Connecticut. Surely we have an old Cadillac dealership building going begging, which is where Terrain found 17,000sq ft of space to open their fabulous garden store.

I espied it when we were driving by the other day and knew I had to go there. So, today, after a walk along the beach on Long Island Sound, David and I stopped in. Nice that they had a chair for him to sit down while I browsed. Unfortunately it was only going to be browsing for me.

Do you ever feel a little embarrassed about taking photographs in a store? I was prepared to tell them that I write a garden blog and would be giving them a little free publicity. I doubt they need it. But, no-one asked, although there were a few looks from other browsers.
 In the summer the outside must be brimming with plants. For now there are just a few dwarf evergreens and ericaceous  plants.

But inside the store is a feast for the eyes on a winter's day or any day for that matter. Part nursery, part flower shop and with a wealth of organic style accessories to dress up your house and garden  this is a perfect place to pick up a gift for a friend or even a treat for yourself.

Fresh foliage and dried twigs and seed heads for dressing up seasonal wreaths.

It is a vast space and impossible to take in everything in one visit.

The terrarium section is giving me ideas. I have never dabbled in terrarium life but I certainly have some of these wide-mouthed bowls that I could use.

In this store you will find them ready made as well as everything you need to make them yourself.

Maybe a few tillandsias. I would just have to step outside my own door to find the common Texas ball moss, Tillandsia recurvata.

This one really caught my eye.

I love the way the store is divided into different theme areas. This one is all about drinks.

These old fashioned bee skeps date back to 1200s but are no longer legal to use today because of poor accessibility.

The kitchen wares area.

There is a section on bathrooms. Everything is so beautifully presented.

This light might not be practical inside the house but would be a fabulous addition to a sheltered patio.

Lots of wooden toadstools and brush trees grace this wall.

I have seen these brush Christmas trees before. Danger Garden!

And these little hypertuffa mushrooms have given me an idea.

And when you have finished browsing there is always the cafe for a quiet lunch with a friend.

This is definitely a destination garden store and I was thrilled to come across it when visiting our son and his family. I have no doubts that I will be back.
At the same time I am thinking that Austin might be grown up enough now to have a store like this one.


  1. I am so jealous! There are 2 Terrain stores in Northern California but none down here, although I did notice that the NorCal stores are associated with Anthropologie and, as there are plenty of those around, maybe they'll move in down here too someday. Not that I need more incentives to spend on garden-related items...

  2. Excellent tour! I'm so happy to see this store through your eyes, while I do enjoy laughing at some of their online offerings, I would still love to visit in person some day.

  3. I wish there was one in Houston, but I already do enough damage ordering on line! Thank you for the great tour!

  4. A beautiful place, beautifully presented in your blog.

  5. Oh, droooooooool. I want all of it! It's probably good for my pocketbook that we don't have a shop like this in Austin!

  6. What a great store!
    I agree with Lori...better for my pocketbook, for it to be so far away.