Monday, April 21, 2008



I started this blog in November last year! Better get busy with another post!
Scattered around my garden on Saturday's tour I had a quotation from the poem The Glory of the Garden by Rudyard Kipling. It was a poem I learnt at the age of eight, in school, in England. It has always been a favorite.
I had no idea that last night, on Masterpiece Theatre they would have the story of the Kipling family and the death of their son in WW1. The production was taken from the play My Boy Jack. 
How does this relate to my garden you may ask? Well, the poppies have been outstanding this year and in particular the Flander's poppy. I have never seen them so beautiful. Mine came from a packet of wildflower seeds I scattered a few years ago but next year I will have poppies from seeds taken from the poppies growing among the graveyards in Flanders. Several of our master gardeners have these in their gardens and have promised me some seeds.


  1. Glad to discover your blog. (Knowing strangers are reading can make one feel exposed.) I wrote up a short piece on Saturday's garden tour and included a couple of photos of your garden. It was, as always, absolutely stunning.

    I'm feeling all inspired to go and make something of my little space, now. Enjoyed talking with you again. I made the extra effort to visit Walt's garden up north as you suggested. I'm glad you encouraged me to go. His plant collection is amazing.

    Melissa (and Alex)

  2. Pam/Digging says:

    Jenny, your garden is an inspiration. I love the way MSS characterized it in her post at Zanthan Gardens as a melding of the adobe-walled gardens of the desert southwest and the lush English garden. Thanks for sharing it on tours and here, via this blog. I look forward to seeing more.

    P.S. Don't forget to enable anonymous comments in your comment field, if you will. It'll make it easier/possible for non-Blogger folks to comment.

  3. Hi Lancashire Rose,

    What fun to see you blogging and have another look at the poppies. It was wonderful to visit your garden in person and to see it again on other Austin garden blogs.

    If the sales numbers of small cement mixers suddenly rise after this weekend's tour we'll all know who is responsible for the bump-up.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Jenny, your poppies and larkspurs were such an inspiration last weekend at the garden tour. I look forward to adding both to my garden.

  5. Melissa. Your photos of the tour are fabulous and I'm glad you went to Walt's. I left there in awe.

    Pam. This may be a bit of a slow start for me but you are the one who inspired me. Forget the gardening I think I'll just read garden blogs all day.

    Annie. Cement mixer going cheap! Look for it on Craig's list!
    Bonnie. Come on over for some seeds, I have 10 billion.

  6. Count me as happy to find your blog, too. Your garden was one of the first I saw when I came to Austin for the spring fling and it was quite an inspiration and a great introduction to gardening in central Texas.

    Looking forward to seeing more posts.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  7. Is there any way I could coax you to post some how-to instructions on your concrete pavers? I've read a lot of stuff online but it's always helpful to hear about it from a real person who has done it. I know there are lot of us who would appreciate it.

    Suzanne aka Vertie

  8. I'll get David to do that when he returns from his other hobby-fishing and catching.

  9. Hi,another Lancashire girl here that has a lot of roses,too. I'm from Darwen and am just north of you all. I'd love to open my garden to any of you that passes my way. I have an English style garden w/a native flavor. We're master gardeners and love being out in nature. Sorry I missed the tour but was at a quilting retreat at Holly lake.
    Hilary in China Spring

  10. Holly- I would love to visit your garden. How do we find out where it is?

  11. I'm sorry Hilary. Misspelt your name.