Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fall is here or is it Winter!

For the first time in many months I did not feel like going out into the garden on Thanksgiving Day. A cold front blew in and temperatures plummeted into the 40s. Quite a shock after a high of 87 the day before. Saturday brought us some very welcome rain; a total of 1inch. I'm really glad that the weather has turned colder because my garden was starting to show signs of spring which is not a good thing to be happening in November. A pomegranate flower, buds opening on the Indian Hawthorn, a wine cup!
With the threat of a frost tonight it was a busy day bringing in the citrus, picking the remaining peppers and the pounds of green tomatoes. Some have been wrapped and stored and the rest turned into green tomato chutney. A vase of fall favorites brightens the coffee table.