Saturday, August 30, 2008


Yesterday evening we arrived home after 7 weeks traveling through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Colorado in our trailer. Whenever I had access to the internet I checked on the local garden blogs. Many of them had horror stories to tell about the triple digit temperatures in Austin. This, coupled with the lack of rainfall had me feeling very nervous about my own garden which I had left to fend for itself. I knew my first post was going to be about what I found when I got home. Believe you me there is a big story to tell, but I just had to take the opportunity for my first post to be about the new residents in our garden.

I can assure you that my Great, great grandfather is turning in his grave at the thought of reynard happily snoozing away in the garden of his great great granddaughter.  After all it was his job to hunt the fox. He was huntsman to the Badsworth Hunt in the early 1800s. Hunting was the cause of his untimely death at the age of 40.
We are thrilled our little friend is enjoying a little peace and quiet in our garden, snoozing the morning away after filling himself with persimmons, pomegranates and probably my cantaloupes.

There were two foxes on the wall this morning but only one stayed behind to spend the rest of the day. He doesn't seem in the least concerned about these intruders in his garden. He looked at me once or twice and then just went back to sleep.


  1. My, that fox seems quite at home in your garden. Knowing you have all those walls, how did it get in? Have you given him a name yet?

    Oh, and welcome back!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. How remarkable! He does seem very comfortable around you. Were you in the garden while taking these photos or inside?

  3. This morning the 2 were back on the wall again. As the sun crept round one moved and the other took up its place by the downspout until the sun finally reached there at mid day. I took the first photo from inside the house but quietly opened the door to get better shots. These fox are very healthy ( thanks to the fruit diet) I just hope they are not eating my lizards.

  4. What beautiful animals they are, Jenny - although they do seem to act like owners rather than guests! It's a pretty cool surprise to find on your return home.

    Watch out for Carol - she's already checking into the cost of uploading a rabbit-eating fox to Indianapolis ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. What a strange position to take a nap! A fox hanging around like that is really surprising. I've never heard of that happening.

  6. Amazing! I know that all the animals were struggling this summer and came in looking for water and food, but I think yours just knew a good thing when they saw it. Heck, I'd move in if I could. I'd just stay in the pool. Really.

    I am guessing that you don't have any cats or dogs the foxes might want?