Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This morning there was frost on the roof and the sheets covering the tomatoes and beans. Hopefully it wasn't enough to kill the plants or I 'll be making that green tomato chutney sooner than I expected. Last night when I went into the potting shed in the evening I found the wrens had decided to bed down there for the night. I took that as a sign that it was going to be a cold one. I wonder if such an early frost was a record? There was no mention of temperatures below 32 on the news this morning so maybe this was just radiation cooling and it doesn't count. It's a gorgeous morning.


  1. Never thought you got any frost in Texas at all. Is it in Texas you are? I get confused with all those states down south.

    We had frost, snow and ice and the most tremendous tailbacks on the roads of course.

    And guess what? This was the day that my 135 bedding plants arrived from Guernsey. Poor little things.They must have been sitting in vans and trains for days.

    We probably won't have any more snow now until Easter.
    No idea where they are all going. Then i am awaiting hundreds of bulb and perennials and the ground is hostile and cold. I must have been soft in the head a month ago, ordering all that.

  2. Hi Joco- I'll swear we are the only spot in Austin that gets frost! No, that's not true but certainly it is a lot warmer in the city. It's a little annoying getting it so early because I still have summer crops- toms, peppers, beans basil and they do not like this cold weather. Ah, the joys of gardening. I'll be looking for postings of your bedding plants and bulbs. It sounds like it will be quite a display.