Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It is nice to have one or two plants in the landscape that demand little attention and the Knockout rose is one such plant. This single variety shrub rose, "Radrazz", bred by William Radler, has bright green foliage, blooms continuously throughout the season and  is resistant to blackspot. What more could one ask. A yellow one? I think I heard someone talking about that at the nursery one day so maybe one is in the works. Yes, I know this rose is showing up everywhere in the landscape but I still have a spot for it in my garden. I'll leave the fragrance to Felicia.

I know who the stars of this garden are going to be in the spring,  judging by the germination of seedlings which occurred following the inch of rain we had last week. Bluebonnets, and they are everywhere.

 Never mind that in the spring I pulled many of the plants up before they threw their seed just to stop this kind of germination rate. I have gradually been redistributing the bluebonnets around the lot over the years. They still love the granite areas the best. 

The tomatoes have made a remarkable recovery now that the evening temperatures have dropped below 70 degrees. Years ago, when I grew tomatoes for the first time, I would go out in the garden every day and count how many tomatoes I had. The numbers grew daily in the cool Canadian evenings. I don't think I have counted tomatoes in 38 years. That is, until today when I counted 74 on this one plant. I'm thinking now that I may be making green tomato chutney after all. It is unlikely that many of them will ripen before we have the first frost, but you never know. Stranger things have happened this year. The larger ones can be removed and wrapped to ripen indoors if frost is in the forecast.


  1. Overused they may be in commercial landscaping, but I'll always make room for 'Radrazz' too. Its foliage has a burgundy blush that goes so well with the flowers. I adore it next to blue-green agave leaves.

    I've seen pics of the yellow Knockout somewhere, but it wasn't available yet.

  2. I know they're getting overused, but I too love the Knockout roses, especially the dark burgundy-purple new foliage, with the exception of the Rainbow Knockout, which tends to look ratty and unhealthy. It also grows sloooowwwly compared to my other Knockouts, which have more than doubled in size this summer.

    And there is indeed a yellow Knockout, and I am dying to try it. It's called the "Sunny Knockout," or "Radsunny," and apparently it's also fragrant, as the petioles release a sweetbriar fragrance. The petals open yellow and then fade to a cream.

    P.S. It was great to meet you on Sunday! :)

  3. You are right Pam. The new flush of growth is almost as pretty as the flowers. Lori-nice to get confirmation about the yellow. I'll just have to find room for it somewhere in my garden.

  4. The bluebonnets and the cilantro seem to have popped up in droves overnight. But unless our rain chances pick up soon, it looks like we're in for the same pattern as last winter/spring--and that's not good for the wildflowers.

  5. mss- please don't say that, I don't want to have to water the granite!

  6. I may need that recipe for green tomato chutney! Glad you're having a good fall tomato season.