Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This was my second visit, to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, to see Chihuly: The 
Nature of Glass. The gardens provide a stunning settings for the works of Dale Chihuly. Our first visit was on a cold but sunny day in December. Despite the fact that only a certain number of prebooked tickets were available for the 12pm-4pm time slot, the grounds were very crowded. Today was another bright, sunny but cool day with no crowds. Far more enjoyable. 

This grouping Blue reeds, Marlins and Floats.

Our four year old granddaughter was sure these were marbles.

This was one of my favorites.

This little cactus was determined to get some camera time. 

The boojum, Fouquieria columnaris, was in leaf. This rather unusual tree is found only in Baja California. It can leaf out within 72 hours of a rainfall and drop the leaves if there is drought.

I wish I was going to be around when all the cactus come into flower.

At the end of every Botanical garden visit there is a garden shop; an extra treat at the end of the day.

There is no way I could leave there empty handed.

Here's my Agave parryi, huachucaensi, finger nails clipped and ready for the flight home. It did cross my mind that security at the airport might consider it a lethal weapon. Most gardeners would but not the airport security! I had to smile as the man behind me had to leave behind his nail clippers.


  1. Wow, that exhibit looks wonderful. I've always liked Chihuly's work and love how they are integrated into the garden.

  2. Jenny, I like the brown paper carrier bag best of all :-)

  3. OH I love the Boojum!! Fabulous pictures!

  4. I missed your post and have added a link to my Chihuly Addendum. I was tempted by a few plants but their "fingernails" kept me from buying. Glad to see you got yours home - TSA and all . . .