Monday, February 9, 2009


This past weekend it was the Heart O Texas Orchid show at Zilker Gardens. The show happened to coincide with the arrival of English visitors who are avid orchid growers so you can imagine it was on our list of places to visit on Sunday. We were not disappointed. This year must have been the best show ever as local orchid growers and vendors from all over Texas displayed the best collection of orchids I had ever seen. 

Texas Parks and Wildlife had a display with information on native orchids of Texas. Of the 54 species, all are terrestrial and 36  are to be found in East Texas. Only one is on the endangered list but all are subject to the threat of logging and natural disasters such as fire and hurricane.
The sheer variety of color and bloom displayed by the Austin Orchid Society was almost overwhelming.

The temptation was great but I did resist knowing full well that I already had enough to look after at home. However, a leaf cutting of a night blooming  Epiphyllum was not too difficult to resist. I have now entered into a competition with our friends as to whose will be the first to flower.  


  1. I've got a night blooming Ephiphyllum, a nice passalong from my Dad. It's a great event when it blooms. I keep mine inside year around, so it took a while before it bloomed. But if you can grow yours outside most of the year, I'll bet it will be blooming in no time at all!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  2. What do you have it potted in Carol? Mine is just the leaf so I don't want to risk it rotting.

  3. Oasis maybe? With the block not too wet?

    I always go to the annual International Orchid show in August, and there are often some orchid growers from Texas there.
    Mind you, buying from them is a leap of faith, as they can't bring over orchids in flower. I like to see what I am buying.

    Wonder which side of the Atalantic will win your competition :-)

  4. I have mine growing in regular potting soil mix, just what you would buy at the store. I also rooted several cuttings in that same mix, and they are doing fine, two years later.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions on potting mixes. I used a mix to which I added some pumice. Hope the leaf doesn't rot in it! I sometimes have a tendency to over water even though I have a meter.

  6. Thanks for all the links on your site.
    I've recently moved here from Santa Barbara, CA. I was looking for orchids and found your site wonderful! Cannot tell you how much I miss my beloved orchids. I'll have to start with some container plants as I live in an apartment now. You have been most helpful.