Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The rest of the world must think that the gardeners of central Texas are obsessed with weather. We have to shout to the world when we get rain, as we did yesterday. Our rain gauge measured 1.1" and we are over the moon. This morning it is still cloudy and misty but the garden is completely refreshed. My plans for cutting back and pulling out have been sidestepped. Do I really have to do the ironing!

Doesn't take long for the fungi to show up. They have to take immediate advantage of any moisture.

I probably wouldn't have noticed the young persimmons on the Texas persimmon, Diospyros texana, if it had not been for many littering the path, knocked down by heavy rain. Fruit drop is quite normal and hopefully there will be enough left to reach maturity. This fruit is high on the diet list for foxes during the fall. 

In 2004 I saw this fox in the same tree helping himself to the fruits. What a surprise that was.


  1. I'm trying to dodge in and out during these last few fantastic showers to pull some weeds while the ground's soft, but I may give up and do inside work instead.

  2. Jenny, I saw a red fox with her squirrel in her mouth in the middle of Edmond, Oklahoma the other day. She walked across a busy street, while everyone stopped amazed.

    MSS from Zanthan Gardens said I should contact you about rain gardens. I need a photo for an article I'm doing for Oklahoma Gardener magazine, and she said you would know. Could you please email me? I don't know if you remember, but I was one of the bloggers who came for Spring Fling.~~Dee

  3. Iris- I just spent an hour outside and it is messy. I pulled out one patch of peas and sowed beans.

    Dee- I didn't want to mention the lambs and chickens and squirrels and baby deer! My GGGrandfather was a huntsman for a Yorkshire Hunt, in 1800, which still hunts today. He knew all about foxes! What a sport that was!!
    I'm not sure why MSS sent you to me. I do have what I guess you could call a rain garden in the back. Skip Richter of the Travis Extension Service pointed it out when he was over here. He said it was a great way to get extra water into the ground having sunken areas. We have a lot of dry creeks and sometimes things grow in them but I'm not sure if that is counted as a rain garden. I did once read up on them but can't remember the source. I think all you have to do is create a large shallow depression in the ground into which water drains. If you want photos of the sunken area or the dry creeks let me know. Ours is paved with Arizona sandstone over decomposed granite. Plants grow readily in the cracks and I guess they absorb and hold some rain in there. As you know we have extensive gravel which absorbs the water.

  4. I just saw your gardens on Pam's Digging blog and I just had to come over to your blog.

    Your gardens are so beautiful! :-)

    North Carolina

  5. Cameron- thanks for stopping by. It's always nice to meet a new blogger and thanks for the compliment.

  6. Glad you got rain.

    The fox photo is wonderful. I have some fox pics that others have shared with me, as I call this place 'Foxes Earth'

  7. Jenny,

    Pam did you proud with her post and pictures.
    And your garden never stops amazing me: there is always something new and lovely.
    How many flower-filled acres do you actually have?

  8. I adore your fox pictures. We have Texas persimmons too. I wonder if we'll see any foxes. Only got half an inch of rain in northwest Austin, but I'll take it.

  9. That is so cool that you got to see the fox in the tree, and that you got a picture of it! Kudos!!

    I love your first picture with the fern in the foreground.

  10. Nell Jean-I was just walking out of the gate when I caught sight of him. He was so intent on his foraging that he didn't hear me so I quickly ran back for the camera. My GGGrand would not be amused that I didn't set the hounds onto him!
    Pam- I bet they will be around when they ripen..
    Sweet Bay- It was fun to watch him for several minutes. The "fern" leaves are actually the new leaves on the cycad. I really need to get them out of pots and into the ground but I'm nit sure where to put them.

  11. Yep, we're getting that rain all week. The plants love it. I'm getting tired of just looking outside, however!

  12. Brenda- I'm with you. fed up of being inside. i very easily succumb to cabin fever.

  13. Great looking garden. Love the fox photo.