Sunday, May 24, 2009


I think D is going to get quite a surprise when he walks down the pathway to the back gate of the vegetable garden. He won't have hop skip and jump over the blanket flowers and assorted others which have seeded between his wonderful pavers.

Except here. I had to leave one blanket flower, Gaillardia pulchella, so I could collect some seed and put them out on the septic field again. At the end of the pathway the way was completely obstructed. 

Now all that is left is a Mexican ruellia, Zinnia augustifolia and Coreopsis tinctoria on the corner. All have made themselves at home in the gravel. I have removed several Gomphrena and settled them into their new home in the flower beds.

The mullein knows it stands a good chance of staying if it grows in an unobtrusive place; here along the edge of the wall by the gate. Not for too much longer though. One or two are OK.

Between the square beds a dahlberg daisy, Dyssodia tenuifolia is growing. It serves a useful function just before the drain, where it catches all manner of 'floaters' if we have a heavy rainfall.  

This mexican marigold mint, Tagetes lucida, seems to like the pathways too.

...and I couldn't possibly pull out this Rudbeckia, at least not until after it has flowered.

Between the long beds the Verbena bonariensis is just too pretty to remove. I guess it won't be too long before we won't be able to walk down the pathways again!


  1. I love it! Your paths are so cool, and the fact that you let plants grow where they're planted brings a smile to my face. Sometimes, they know best!

  2. Hi RR.
    That is one impressive tomato it made out of PVC piping?
    I am the same way with plants on pathways, one part of me wants to retain a clean pathway, the other says "are you mad? if it not a weed let it be". Right now on my pathways, lets just say I have a "substantial" amount of amaranth on the rise!

    Those mullein it seems have a sixth sense as to how not to get noticed, and how to find obscure places to pop up. Clever little plants!

    You always have so much going on in your garden.

  3. what wonderful gifts your garden is giving you. Thanks for the idea on Goldenrod for my plant. I'll check out some photos online and see if they are familiar and keep an eye on this one.

  4. I had to get my wife and show her this post. "See other people let plants grow in the path ways". But as you said, some you just can't let them grow there. I have several skeleton Leaf Daisies coming up in one path. I will pot those as friends have asked for a couple. You just can't have a 3'x3' evergreen bush in your walkway.