Wednesday, May 6, 2009


                                                              Mexican hats, Ratibida columnaris

On May 9th the Wildflower Center will be holding its Gardens on Tour. It is a chance to see how well native plants can be incorporated into the landscape. This year I will be working at 518 Buckeye Trail. I chose this garden because it was designed by Jill Nokes, and just a week ago the Austin garden bloggers had a personal tour of her own garden. Jill is a talented designer who uses native plants in her designs. 
Plan to enjoy a day of touring these special gardens and learning how you can incorporate native plants into your own landscape.


  1. What an incredible flower with that tall cone. I wonder what family it belongs to?
    The petals remind one of tagetes, and the cone of cone flowers.

    Wish I could take a peek at those gardens you mention.

  2. I'll be looking for you, Jenny. Will you be there all day?

  3. Jo- It really is a bit of a weed but it's out on the septic field so I don't worry and it does take a nice photo. The Acanthus family.
    Pam- I will be there in the afternoon. Plan to see the gardens in the morning. Bit of inside advice. Hit the one on Rockcliff early as the parking is a problem there.

  4. Acanthus: now that does surprise me. I think of A.spinosis, the brute I keep ripping out, with totally different flowers (two-lipped), or possibly Water Willow (dianthera).
    Also totally different from this cone shape. we live and learn.

    Hope you have a nice (cool) day tomorrow.

  5. You were right to be surprised Jo. I have been corrected by a fellow blogger who says it belongs to the Asteraceae family. I'm afraid I wasn't very careful when I looked at the WFC website.

  6. Well, maybe we'll see you in the gardens. We're hitting Academy first, then Rockcliff. Thanks for the tip about parking at that one.

  7. Where did you get your Clematis texensis? I want both that and the Purple one.

    I saw the purple one growing on a bush at South Llano River State park and first saw this one on a hike at Lost Maples state park. I love both of them.

  8. At the wildflower Center sale 2 years ago. They have one in the Spring and Fall. You might also find it at Bartone Springs Nursery or the Natural Gardener.