Monday, November 9, 2009


I am so glad our trip to San Antonio was on Saturday. Sunday we woke to an entirely different day.

There was a mist hanging over the garden and it really did feel like the end of our good weather was coming to a close. Dull days are great for taking photos so I went out to take my last photos before I leave.

It would have been a great day for gardening except for the fact that it came on to rain quite heavily and by the end of the day there was an inch of rain in the gauge. I didn't get any gardening done.

Through the archway and past the Philippine violet I could just see a smattering of fall color.

A Virginia creeper is growing up the wall in the English garden. I leave it for its fall color. In front a wax myrtle, probably brought in by a mocking bird, has taken root. I have a feeling it is the southern variety so I'm sure I will have to pull it out soon.

At the same time my eye was drawn to more color and saw an oak tree has started growing in this same raised bed. It will have to come out before the fight to get it out becomes impossible.

I haven't watered for weeks, in fact since we went on stage 3 water restrictions so I am glad for the inch of rain yesterday.

Zucchini are still growing and the last of the tomatoes Juliet, just won't leave my garden. Not my favorite, but at this time of year who can be choosy. I am late with fall planting, which will have to wait until later. I only have beets, pak choi, napa cabbage, radishes, snap peas and rhubarb in the ground- all from seed.


  1. Your garden looks beautiful! I love your vegetable planters.

  2. I really must try that Philippine violet next year. It's quite lovely in the fall garden.

    We only had a half inch of rain here in NW Austin, but it was welcome. Like you, I was glad our Saturday outing was blessed with dry weather. Bon voyage!

  3. Your rock garden is truly one of my favorites! I love how the stone looks next to your plants.

  4. Your Garden is AB-FAB -"Absolutely Fabulous"! Congratulations on your photo award also.

  5. We had almost 2 inches down here in Wimberley. Maybe more in the Bee Caves area, where we stood out in it watching our granddaughters play make-up soccer games. Wow...was THAT fun.
    When you say you ONLY have all those veggies, I'm thinking that would be a big amount here.
    It looks great.

  6. I happened to find this post from last year and I am absolutely inspired by it. One of my goals for 2011 is to find a way to liven up the decayed granite areas on the west side of our yard. Would you mind telling me the names of some of your favorite Sunken Garden plants, esp. the smaller ones and/or those that might be able to tolerate the bit of shade they'll get if I plant them along the fence line? Your yard is beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.