Saturday, March 13, 2010


but it's so much nicer to be home! At least that's what my seedlings were saying when I removed them from the truck this afternoon. I'm probably the only crazy gardener who would load her precious seedlings into the truck on Thursday morning, drive up to Dallas with them and drive back Saturday afternoon. They spent the whole time in the back of the truck. I had planned to take them out but a strong, cold NW wind made me play it safe and leave them inside. Why would anyone in their right mind do this? Clear sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s at home. How could I leave them to fry in the greenhouse? Load 'em up and take 'em along. I also brought back some river rocks that were languishing in my son's garden.

I didn't even take them to the Dallas Arboretum to see the spring display of daffodils.

My grandson and I posed for a photograph in front of a colorful display of tulips and pansies. The gardens were in the first week of the annual Fiesta de Las Flores, with 500,000 blooming spring bulbs to delight the visitors.

There will be many sights to delight young and old alike over the next few weeks. Today we met Ferdinand the Bull. He was a character introduced by Munro Leaf in his book of the same name, published in 1936. This 12' topiary of grasses, sits among a garden of flowers surrounded by topiary bees.


  1. Love the travelling seedlings! Gorgeous spring blooms - we are weeks off daffodils, never mind tulips!

  2. We love Ferdinand the Bull! We have my MIL's copy of the book, which must be a fairly early copy.

  3. A gardener has to do what a gardener has to do! I laughed about your taking your seedlings along, but I loved it, too.

  4. That sounds like the kind of thing I would do, so you're not alone! I bet the 12 ft Ferdinand the Bull was a sight to behold. lol!

  5. Jenny, I laughed out loud at the pictures in my head of you packing up the seedlings for your trip! That's great!

  6. Gardeners are known to do whatever it takes, to protect their 'babies'.

    What a handsome young man, your grandson is. I bet you had a great day at the Arboretum. I've been there for the spring many tulips. It's a beautiful sight.