Thursday, March 25, 2010


These shadows on the wall mean only one thing.

The pomegranate tree made it through the terrible winter and is leafing out. Now let's see if we can get through the next few weeks without a frost. I say that because every year but last a late spring frost burnt off many of the new leaves and probably took some flower buds with it. That meant fewer pomegranates, although I never could complain about not having enough. In fact last year there were so many that many just rotted on the ground. The 'abundant harvest' was responsible for my having these little beauties in the ground this year.

Tulipa clusiana 'cynthia' has delighted us this year with her gorgeous colors.


  1. Love those shadows on the wall - how pretty and how wonderful that you saw them & shared with us. So glad about your Pom.

  2. Congrats on the Pom making it through the winter! I've been trying to convince the husband that we need a Pomegranate tree in our front yard. He doesn't want one because it would require work to remove all the asian jasmine that's in the spot right now. Maybe if I have a garden bloggers design thing here and everyone said "pomegranate tree, right there." then he'd have to let me do it. right?

  3. Hurray!! So glad the pom made it.

    It was 33 here this morning. Of course, I've already put things in the ground. (I do this every year.) But, I covered the tomatoes, so hope they're ok. I'm ready for lows only in the 50s.

    And, those tulips are beautiful.


  4. So nature showed you & DH who was boss? My pomegranate in the Secret Garden never seems to lose a leaf or branch tip to late frosts, Jennie, but it also never made a single pomegranate in 4+ years.

    We planted a second one in the front yard (I vote yes, Katina!) and are waiting for it to wake up. It would be great to get fruit but flowers would also be welcome.

    Planted a few bulbs of 'Cynthia' here, too - fun to see it on friends' blogs ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. Lovely pictures! You are an artist. And so happy about the returns. And must add Cynthia to my list for next year.

  6. Hi RR.

    Great to see you again today and chat, so much fun. Expect a visit from the warring faction of the Naboo though for trying to get me to sit in the "presentation chair"! :-)

    So when is your "Design a GoGo" scheduled? I am dying to see your garden, can you tell?

    Loved your hanging basket of graptopetalum in your previous post. What a great way to display the ghosts!

    Had fun talking with you.

  7. Jenny, SO happy to hear your pomegranate made it through. My dwarf POM is also starting to leaf. But those species tulips! I've never seen such a prolific year as this one for them; they are now on my "must have" list! Beautiful photo of it, also.