Saturday, March 6, 2010


One of my favorite spring flowers is the stock, which I started these from seed last year. Unfortunately they are in one of the vegetable beds, which is often the case with my flowers. When we find ourselves leaving town in the spring and I have all these little plants that need to be taken care of for a few weeks I put them in the vegetable raised beds next to a little drip irrigation outlet. By the time I come home they are too big to move and that's where they have to stay. This year one of the beds has become a cutting garden.

Not as showy as the flowers you buy in the grocery store, but multi stemmed and for some reason, all lilac.
Which is fine with me because the color goes well with my other spring bloomer the miniature daffs. How I wish I had planted more than just this one clump.

The two flowers together made a spring posy to bring into the house where their fragrance fills the air. David and I discussed the smell, which I thought quite spicy, with a hint of sweetness. He thought the smell reminded him of Tabac soap. Many years ago his father had a German penfriend and when he came to visit he brought some of this soap as a gift. My stocks triggered his memory from the past.


  1. I dearly love stock too and then forget to plant it. Will make a note for next year, for sure. How gorgeous with the yellow daffs.

  2. I'm not sure if I can grow stock here. Yours is lovely and it really does look gorgeous with the yellow daffies.

  3. The stock is lovely. How nice to have a cutting garden, even if it was meant to be something else.

  4. Linda- Just throw the seeds on the ground in the fall and stocks will flower int he spring.
    Jayne- I'm sure you could. They are spring bloomers from seed planted in the fall.
    Sweet bay-Sometimes I find it hard to cut flowers in the garden. I am torn between enjoying them outside and having them in the house.

  5. Stock is one of my favorite flowers. A friend of mine once put white stock stems in a glass bowl with fresh cranberries floating on top. It was years ago, but I still remember it vividly. Now the lavender stock and daffodils will replay in my mind as well. Stock seeds next year! My transplants didn't do too well.