Sunday, April 11, 2010


Sunday afternoon, Lori of The Garden of Good and Evil, invited us over to smell her amazing roses. As this is one of David's favorite things to do, it didn't take much persuading to get him to come along. After all, we could easily tape the last 2 hours of the Masters, couldn't we?

Not that it was easy to find her house. You would think that with Map Quest and Garmin we would have no problem. Wrong. Not their problem, but the city was doing work on the access roads and the street we were supposed to go in on was one way. In the end we went the wrong way down the one way street and found ourselves at Lori's delightful garden.

Fellow Bloggers had gathered in the front of the house admiring her beautiful Mutabalis rose. This China rose performs well in our alkaline soils and is best planted where it can grow without pruning. Lori has built raised beds on either side if the front path. Thyme and ice plant soften the edges of the bricks.

We made our way down the side of the house through arching, sweet smelling roses intertwined with sweet potato vine. Lori's back garden is filled with blooming roses, many scrambling up into the mesquite trees; sweet smelling Marie Pavie and Zephirine Drouin, two of my favorites.

Lori, our hostess with Robin.

Were Bob and David ever going to stop talking about fishing to smell those roses?

Thank you Lori for inviting us to see your amazing roses and those margaritas and bruschetta were darned good too!


  1. Looks like you had a great time.
    She has gorgeous roses.

    Thanks for sharing. And oh, I'm impressed, you could drag D. away from the golf tournament. Good work...


  2. What a beautiful garden Lori has! Thanks for sharing your photos. I'm sure you had a wonderful visit.

  3. Oh what beautiful roses, and a gorgeous garden. I am sorry I missed it. Was the second to the last picture Zephirine Drouin? It is amazing.

  4. Linda-We did have a great time and Lori has done an amazing job with her roses. As to the Masters- we taped it and watched it later and D was very happy that Phil won- weren't we all!
    Jayne- This is such a great group and we do have a good time visiting each other's gardens.
    Morning Glories- No- I didn't include a picture of Zeph. and I'm sorry I don't know what this frilly petticoat rose is. Beautiful, isn't it.

  5. Wasn't that a fun time? And such sweet-smelling and gorgeous roses. That artemisia border sets it off to perfection. And Lori herself is as cute as she can be!

  6. Lori's gardens were just beautiful weren't they? I was really impressed by her non grass front yard. It was stunning and I was very impressed.

    You seem to think that fishing talk is not important. Uhhh, yes it is. I so enjoyed David's company. A delightful man and so easy to get to know. You two are a great match.