Thursday, April 8, 2010


After suffering some unseasonably warm, humid days, a cold front arrived and brought us the perfect spring day. Cool mornings and clear sunny afternoons. It doesn't get better than this and the garden knows it.

In just a week the garden has come along in leaps and bounds, and that's exactly what I have to do to get from a to b. Pathways have been taken over by sprawling bluebonnets.

In the English garden the circular stepping stones are completely covered. The new way round the garden is to walk on the brick edging. These bluebonnets will not get to set and throw seed. They will come out as soon as they have faded.
I think I saw the cardinal go onto the nest on the gate, so for now the gate is out of bounds. How many weeks will that be, I wonder.

In the herb garden I have really been disciplined this year, not allowing anything to grow in the thyme bed. It is filling out and I am out with the scissors every day snip snipping to keep the mounds low. Prince Charles was not kidding when he talked about how much work was involved in keeping the thyme walk at Highgrove in peak condition.

Pink poppies have opened up to join the Californias. Who cares if it is a riot of mismatched color. Long ago I gave up trying to grow plants in one palette. If it grows here it gets to stay.


  1. Beautiful! I love the colors in your exuberant spring garden. And that thyme garden, the placement of the pavers, is perfection. Glad it's you though and not me with the scissors every day!

  2. I love the happy riot of color. Your garden is beautiful. I have had so much trouble with thyme. It doesn't seem to like anything else planted with it. Do you have any other secrets to growing it successfully?

  3. Really, your garden is spectacular.
    These natural combinations are insuperable.
    I think that the captivation of any garden is this,to have own life.

  4. Good Heavens your place is gorgeous! And man o' man are you right...this spring has kept me time to blog, just soaking up the perfection! I love your bluebonnets and Lady Banksia...great combo!

  5. For all the easy advice to grow thyme lawns and such, thyme IS hard to get going, and glad to hear you say so. I love this seasonal/regional profusion you get. And look at that spectacular yellow banksia rose blooming as a backdrop to the blue lupins (at least I think that's a rose). Hope you get more perfect spring days to enjoy your amazing garden.

  6. I love the poppies and columbine, against the bluebonnets. It's my favorite.

    No, wait...the English Garden, with all the bluebonnets.

    No, the Lady Banks, with the bluebonnets.

    Oh, heck...I love it all.


  7. Wow, so much beautiful color! Your garden looks wonderful.

  8. Oh yes RR, your garden looks really bad this year! :-) What?

    It all looks incredible, so much color and exuberance, Charlie would be proud, strolling around with his prominent nose, sniffing here and there...he would be in royal heaven.

    Looks amazing, cannot wait to see your place in person.


  9. Oh, the colors are splendid! And the different heights make it even more delightful. And I can smell that freshly cut thyme from here.

  10. Your garden always brings a smile to my lips. It looks such a happy place and the colors are glorious.

  11. Wow, beautiful garden! You must never want to leave home. :)