Friday, August 13, 2010


This month's gardening contest, hosted by Gardening Gone Wild, asks us to share a photo from our travels. My camera is never far from my pocket when I am traveling and my eye is constantly drawn to every flower along the roadside and on every hike.

"On the road again" That's where we are right now and have been for several weeks. I am posting this from the campsite. Wifi! amazing.
Choosing an image was no easy task, especially when it came to ones with native flowers. In the end I chose this one, taken in the Sawtooth mountains of Idaho, where this year, a late spring gave us the opportunity to hike among splendid wildflowers. Close to my heart, as a Texan, this clump of lupins growing at 9ooo' Their fragrance was wonderful.

Apologies to this nearby Indian paintbrush.


  1. I don't think you need to apologize at all, those photos are great!

  2. This just makes me miss the mountains so much. And wifi! I am still amazed at what we can do with computers, internet, cell phones and all that technology. Of course, when I was a little girl and enjoying views like that, there was no way that it would be interrupted by the dulcet tones of a phone ringing. . .

  3. Fougeres- I was just feeling sorry for the paintbrush that I didn't choose its photo. I am a person that apologizes if I accidentally tread on a plant.
    Healingmagichands-We have to have our mountain fix every year. The clear air and the views. As to wifi-We are having a few days of luxury at a KOA! Cell phones I can manage with out but internet is a lot harder! especially if you are a blogger.

  4. Never been to Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains - but it looks like I should! Great scenery.

  5. I envy, your mountain scenery. Great shots. Good luck, with the contest.
    Have a safe trip.

  6. These photos are so beautiful with a majestic background. Good luck with your photo in the GGW contest!

  7. Hi jenny.

    Great shot, I can almost smell the fresh mountain air. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun on your travels.
    Camping with connection...does it get any better then that?


  8. Majestic photographs! Sounds like a serene, lovely trip.

  9. R Bell. The area just north of Ketchum is our favorite wonderful hiking, fishing and the summer symphony.
    Patchwork-The scenery is just beautiful. All that clear mountain air and wonderful wildflowers.
    Teresa o. Thanks Teresa. Not sure it was what they wanted but gardens of 'mother nature' are just wonderful.
    ESP- Doesn't get any fresher than this, except when the forest fires are burning! Not this year, thank goodness.
    Linda- Yes, But what's happening in my garden. I wonder?

  10. Really lovely shots. The combination of the trees, wildflowers and mountains reminds me a lot of Big Bend. Hope you are having fun on your travels! And good luck in the GGW contest.

  11. Wow, what a view! Your photos manage to bring it down to a human scale, just beautiful.