Thursday, October 14, 2010


This delightful multistory apartment just came onto the market. This green property, by well known local builder, David, is built with recycled materials including a slice of oak log, plywood and trouser hanger tubes.

Surrounded by flower and vegetable gardens and with south facing views of the Texas hill country, this property would suit all bees of a solitary nature, including leaf cutter and mason bees. No more long commutes to and from your work space. This property provides everything you need within several feet.
For the leaf cutter bees we have American beauty berry available for nest materials.

Mason bees will find plentiful supplies of mud as evidenced by the numerous mud dauber nests attached to our walls!


  1. I posted on the Livin' Easy rose a short while ago. Right after I took those photos I noticed the leaves with neatly cut circles out of them - similar to your photo. Do you think it is leaf cutter bees? Your bee house is lovely!

  2. What a lovely bee house! I hope that you will post photos after the lodgers have moved in.

  3. Definitely a "des. res." for bees! I hope you get some visitors soon.

  4. Whimsical Gardener- Absolutely. That is leaf cutter bees at work.
    Morning glories- It may be a little late for this year but you never know.

  5. Great idea! Is the bottom log hollow or are they just single holes? I would love to copy if I may?

  6. Paul- Just a slice through a log and holes drilled in the front. Of course you may copy it.

  7. Very stylish. I like your MLS description too. We just constructed a mason bee condo ourselves but it's not nearly as cute as your bungalow.

  8. Are those circular cuts from the solitary bees because I've got those very same mysterious circles in some areas of my garden. I've never thought they were bees.
    I love that bee home. Be sure and tell us when the first occupants arrive. I'm fascinated by this topic and want to make my own with some type of paper tubes.
    Thanks for the post.
    David/ Tropical Texana

  9. Hi! Thanks for "stopping by". I LOVE the house- did you make this? It is so creative!! You will surely have tenants soon!!! The blog on the pomegranates makes me want to run out and get some for my breakfast cereal!! They are so delicious. Takes me back to my childhood!

  10. Abbey- Thanks. We have made a second one which we are going to put on a tree outside the walls.
    David etc- yes they are fro the leaf cutter bees. They do this to the beauty berry every year.
    Kacky- My husband made it. He is very good at doing projects I come up with. I just added the tubes. Poms- Just made some pomegranate sorbet.