Monday, October 18, 2010


There is more to taking photos for a catalogue than meets the eye.

Meet the team from Gardener's Supply Co. From left to right Susan Romanoff, creative director, Lizzy Williams, producer and photo stylist, Geoffrey Fosbrook, photographer,Lenny Christopher, photo assistant and Rod Cain, horticultural stylist. They spent the last two days in our garden filming new products for the upcoming catalogue.

Having decided where to place the bench, soon to be available in their catalogue, the work began.

There must be no shadows on the product. Lenny brings out the silk screen and climbs up onto the wall to get into just the right position.

First Susan checks the shot.

Then Lizzie, before the final photos are taken.

When it came to the colorful butterfly chairs the sun was even higher in the sky. The problem was solved with the large silk screen. The wind would swirl from north to south, the screen acting like a huge sail. Strong arms were needed to keep it under control.

And now the sun cast a shadow on the rocks so Susan had to use the small screen. Notice my bird bath has been removed. All they need are my flowers. No agaves, cactus. This has to look like a setting you might find in any garden throughout the country.

Meanwhile Rod was in the temporary nursery on the driveway building planters.

These self watering planters were to be positioned on the steps leading up to the English garden.

Oooh! I love the combination of plants in this one.

Setting up for the bistro shoot.

Can't wait to see their photo.

A different take on the usual blue bottle tree we see in Texas. Can you believe there is a store in Austin which sells empty wine bottles?

And finally this frog couple. I think I can find a place for them in the garden.

This morning all is quiet in the garden. The mockingbird has the garden back to himself. It's time for me to get back out working. What a wonderful day I had. A big thank you to the team for tolerating my hanging around, asking questions etc. You were a delight to have. Thanks to Geoff for giving me some photography hints.


  1. How cool!

    I'm so impressed with my blog friends. Pam posting on Martha Stewart, and you having a photo shoot in your beautiful garden.

    Thanks for sharing your day.

    By the way...I LOVE those frogs.

  2. Wow--that sounds like such a fun day! I really like their butterfly chairs, and they couldn't be photographed in a more beautiful setting.

  3. How exciting! Your garden is such a beautiful setting - their shots will be wonderful.

  4. What fun! I can't think of a more beautiful back-drop than your garden.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I do actually have a mosaic project planned, but with another allotment find...

    You have a great blog and a lovely garden. I was amused by the grubby knees the photoshoot team were sporting by the end of the day!

  6. Now that is just too darn cool. And WHAT fun. Your garden continues to be exquisite, whatever the season.

  7. I knew your flower-licious and beautifully hardscaped garden would be perfect for their shoot. How fun to see the process of their shooting for the catalog. Which of those items did they leave with you, if any?

  8. This is just too fun! Years ago, CTG taped them capturing the catalog, but they've gotten much fancier. I can't wait to watch for the photos in their catalog. Super pictures, too, Jenny; I know they loved it! And you!

  9. How cool was this??? Congrats! That will be one catalog to hold on to forever!!! :)

  10. Oh my goodness Jenny!!! How thrilling! Your garden is beyond beautiful...can't wait to see the catalog!!! I want those butterfly chairs. We had tons at my house when I was growing up...oh the things my mama threw away.

  11. I've always wondered how they did this. The 'no Agaves' part is hilarious....I'm not sure what to think. I'm always attracted to gardens that have agaves as part of the design. I guess not everyone can grow them. So sad. :-(
    Loved the flowers they brought. Wow! The frogs on the wall are perfect! :-)
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston