Thursday, October 7, 2010


When Annie, The Transplantable rose, passed along a cutting of the Stapelia at one of our Garden Bloggers' meetings, two years ago, I had no idea it was going to wow me with such an interesting flower.

Over the last few weeks the flower bud had increased in size daily until yesterday it popped open. I think it is beautiful.

I got down on my knees to sniff the flower. No smell of rotting garbage yet!


  1. That is a beautiful bloom! I hope it decides not to smell like rotting is too pretty.

  2. Whoa! So beautiful and furry! Is it supposed to smell bad? I've not seen this before...

    I especially love the composition of the second shot - very nice.

  3. Fantastic shots of a fantastic flower. So very cool.

  4. Aren't they just amazing??? I had a huge tire garden full of these and mine did attract a LOT of flies, but never did smell of rot, as everyone claims. I just loved mine until after three hurricanes in a row that one year and they all died. The patterns in the flower are just so cool and the feathery edges too!!! Nice to see one again!!! Thanks for showing it! :)

  5. I did go out yesterday and saw a fly on the flower. I got down very close and sure enough there is a faint smell of something nasty! Not overpowering though.

  6. Beautiful! I'd never heard of this plant until CTG last week when Adam from PlantEscapes Gardens brought one. We ran out of time before we could feature it. Then I see this! Lovely!

  7. How beautiful! Now I'm excited, my neighbor gave me a bunch of this that I kept and then shared with friends. I can't wait to see it bloom, fly attractant or not! Very nice!

  8. Wow indeed! Looks like a sci-fi worm-hole, the small wispy fibers are just the icing on the stinky cake :-)...What great shots RR! Your garden is looking spectacular as usual.
    Looking forward to seeing you both Saturday!

  9. Yay! I'm so glad it bloomed for you, Lancashire Rose.
    I guess the Stapelia appreciated being taken with you on vacation- such dedication deserves a big bloom ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    (PS According to HealingMagicHands at the Havens, the flower pattern is a mandala)

  10. Linda- It's one of those plants that is nothing much until it blooms. The smaller flower down below is now getting bigger by the day. Maybe another bloom soon.
    Mandy- It did have a faint smell but nothing you would notice. Such a beauty.
    ESP-Don't tell me you don't have some of this. It may actually survive outdoors in your sheltered garden.
    Annie-Thank you for giving me the plant. I now have 2 and look forward to more blooms. They really are a thing of wonder.