Monday, February 21, 2011


My hellebore opened up its petals today and turned its face to the sun. Oh! I love it. Where can I get more? The color has not disappointed me. After all, it was not in flower when I bought it and you know how those labels are sometimes erroneous. But it was not the only flower to open today.

The native anemone has lost its spot for being the first to open. Usually blooming in early February, our unusually cold weather resulted in a later bloom time. It is the only one I can find but I am sure more will follow.

Last year the weather was favorable for the appearance of tens of wine cup volunteers and they are flowering remarkably early. One of my favorite colors. In fact, it is the blues, lilacs and purples which are first to bloom this year. I have gardened in many places and have always favored these colors. In Texas any color that does well here will have a place in this garden.

The diminutive Siberian iris, Iris sibirica, were planted for the first time last year. I wasn't sure if they were to come back but here they are. That ring of coat hanger wire is my reminder that I have bulbs growing in the ground in that spot. I am far too handy with the garden trowel and labels never seem to last.

The lanky foliage of the grape hyacinths is not enough to deter me from enjoying the first bloom.

I am too English not to have stocks in the garden. I love their sweet smell which brings an immediate breath of Spring into the garden. They seem to do well here, reseeding and wintering over to bring an early spring bloom.


  1. Oh my gosh, as usual your photos and information on the names of the plants are amazing.

    I awarded you the Liebster Award on my blog:

  2. Gorgeous! This made my day. Thanks! My grape hyacinths haven't yet bloomed, but I'm keeping a close eye on them.

  3. Nice looking hellebore - I'm going to have to keep an eye open for some of the colorful ones to add to my garden.

  4. I'm glad that spring arrives at your garden and enjoy your photos.
    I love the hellebore, the color is great!
    Here, winter is long but Heleborus foetidus and Iris unguicularis give a touch of color.

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  6. Ok, no joke- I just finished my post after not posting for a while so went to jump around to the blogs I like to read and there you posted your first photo, a Helleborus. I just posted about them!!! We just got some in and they are so pretty! I had never seen them. I love them and here I go and write about how pretty they were etc... and it was the first picture on your blog. Too funny. If you really do want some, we have some, the red and pink are what we have in stock. Off to catch up on the rest of your blogs as I love reading them- you help me learn through your posts and I love it. I tell my husband all the time things you have posted etc... and he comments you know what you are talking about. (a high compliment from him where plants are concerned). Off to catch up.

  7. Hi- would love it if you stopped by!! The nursery is located at 12000 HWY 290 W, if you are coming from "town" it is on the right, basically across from McCoys and Sonic about 6 miles past the Y. We are there 7 days a week, so any day that works for you- we got in a more things yesterday that as I was reading through your past postings I recognized- finally I am recognizing things hahaha I still have so much to learn though... but having so much fun. Thanks for the post and look forward to seeing you/meeting you- and if for some reason I am not there (it's rare but it happens), my husband will be there - just tell him you are the lady from the blog I read all the time!

  8. I had no idea one could grow helleborus here. I tried in Houston some years ago, and it was a dismal failure. I don't suppose you remember the cultivar name? If you got one to live and bloom in Austin, maybe I can persuade a few to survive out here in Elgin... That color's awesome.

  9. Lovely to see some flowers, it has been pretty dull and depressing in the UK but today at last we have some sunshine, so fingers crossed, flowers will follow soon!

  10. Cynthia- Thanks for visiting and thanks for the award. We are all happy that the cold weather is behind us, especially the garden.
    Iris- it does seem the grape hyacinths are late this year, but then everything is, and some things may not even come to the party.
    RBell- I am hoping that this is not just a fluke because we had a cold winter. Fingers crossed for a repeat bloom next year.
    Yolanda- Soon your winter will be over too. Your plants will have been protected by the blanket of snow and will soon bloom.
    Brooke-I am not familiar with web garden but will take a look. Thanks for the feature.
    Kacky- I hope you have some left by the time I get to visit your nursery. I am certainly up to get more.
    Elgin_house- It is the first year so we will see. The name was Blue lady.
    Heather at Dusty BAy- Thanks for visiting Helen.
    Rachel- And what a spring it will be. I can just imagine the daffs, snowdrops, crocus followed by the wonderful blossoms on the hawthorn and apple trees. ZFond memories.

  11. The picture of stock made me smile. I only grew it one year, sort of by accident, and it came back and bloomed in February when it was still freezing outside (in W. Oregon). Love the scent! You reminded me to grow it again.