Sunday, February 27, 2011


It is quite amazing that in less than a week all my spring bulbs have come into flower. I really thought spring was going to be very late this year. It is now catching up with every day.

It always leaves me wishing that I had started planting them years ago. Then I really would be able to talk about 'a host, of golden daffodils.'

Not all of them are golden. This one has a peachy center and is called Daffodil chromacolor.

I have always preferred smaller flowering plants and these small flowered daffs fit perfectly into the rockery in the sunken garden.
There are more to come; later flowering varieties with multiple heads and wonderful fragrance.
With the unseasonable warmth of the last few days I don't think they will be far behind.

'And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.'
William Wordsworth


  1. What beauties! I have Grand Primo right now, but seeing so many other varieties makes me want to get more of them to tuck into small spaces.

  2. This was my first year with daffies. I love them and will definitely be planting more. Yours are lovely too. So bright and sunny.

  3. I've not added any bulbs to the garden other than spider lily...your spring garden inspires me to add some for next spring. Thanks Jenny for your inspiration ;)

  4. As always your photos are beautiful! I can't imagine how incredible your garden must be in person!

  5. So pretty. Love that chromacolor daffodil, especially.

  6. So lovely, you lucky gal! I have planned on doing spring bulbs the past few years and have failed. Your post has convinced me to plant them this year!!

  7. May you one day have that host of golden (and rosy pink & white & pale yellow) daffodils, Rock Rose Jenny. I keep trying, too.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  8. It's been a great year for Ice Follies and all the others.

    Planting a hundred in the fall seems like too many; in the spring it seems like 500 too few.

  9. This has been a great year in Austin for the big daffodils (not so much for the paperwhites). I wonder if it was the colder temperatures or all the extra rain last year.

    Yours are lovely and make me wish I'd planted more.