Monday, February 7, 2011


Yesterday was a glorious day. It was time to go out into the garden and assess the situation. Sometimes freezing weather takes a few days or even weeks before it really makes itself known.
There were two things on the air.

One was the rustling of dry leaves. Here the lemon grass. It may have a little life left in it but quite honestly if it doesn't it will be no big loss. This was a 4" pot that I put in late spring. I guarantee that when I come to remove it I will need a helping hand and there will be little soil left in the bed. I know because I have had this experience before.

Beet leaves were also dried to a crisp. I may leave them for a while to see if they rebound. The same was true of my 4' high patch of snow peas. No point keeping them but there will be time to plant another crop before summer.

There was something else on the air too. The smell of rotting cabbages and chard. Mush. A slimy mess. It broke my heart to pull out the rows of napa cabbage. They were just forming nice heads. The artichoke too. The first one I have ever grown. I had covered it but to no avail.
So it was a day of pulling out, emptying the beds and getting ready for the next crop. I think I'll wait a while.


  1. oh, my heart is broken for you!!! i have wanted to try chard...that will be next for me! have fun planning your next crops!

  2. That's the same thing every year,
    or plants have survived the winter!

    It already feels like a little bit spring,here with us.

    That's the same every year,

    exciting, or plants have survived the winter!

    It already feels a little like spring here with us.

    I hope so , I can hardly wait.

    Love Thea♥

  3. Hi, Jenny! I went out to examine the situation, too. Lots of mush. Lots okay. But it sure is heart-breaking to lose our plants that were doing so well. Yes, I'm going to wait, too, to decide what to do.