Monday, March 28, 2011


The sun never came out today and it was chilly! My garden loved it. Now, maybe the weather man will follow through with the promised 40% chance of rain tomorrow. I watered anyway.

In the sunken garden the columbines are in full flower. Note the oranges- pill bug and snail traps. On the spot composting!

The iris have been truly spectacular giving weeks of blooms.

Buebonnets, poppies and pink primroses all vying for a spot in the limelight.

Sweet smelling Zephirine Drouhin at the far end of the garden.

There used t be a pot of this plant here and when I moved it this rose grew from out of the cracks in the paving. It must have come from a root. It stays.

These little spider zinnias have grown from seeds planted this year. They usually show up in the fall from seeds that overwinter. I bought new seeds this year.

Wild onion.

The herb garden is finally starting to look a little tidier.

The espaliered pyracantha with a flush of new leaves and blooms. Where are those cedar waxwings?

The vegetable beds are filled with tomatoes.

Patti pan squash under netting in the hope of thwarting the squash vine borer.

Sedum has replaced the creeping thyme between the pavers.

How many years has this purple skullcap lived here? I have lost track. But see the poor blue flax plant peeking out from underneath. I wonder who will win?

Square bud primrose, Calylophus drummondii.

A pot of Dahlberg daisy, stocks and alyssum, seeded in the fall. Behind I have a pot of nasturtiums. I see the flower buds down at the base of the plant. Fingers crossed.


  1. I'm digging the cool weather too.

  2. I didn't know wild onions flowered so prettily because we always cut them down.

  3. I just love your garden! Thanks for posting so many great photos of it.

    Some questions about the Zephirine Drouhin rose if you don't mind: how long does it bloom for you? How big will it get? Is it "fill the garden" fragrant, or "put your nose in it" fragrant? I'm on the lookout for another climbing rose.

  4. Your garden looks lovely, as usual.

    We've been working hard here, trying to catch up on things. So many things had to be replaced.

    Is that deer netting on your squash frame? I really would like to have squash again. The squash vine borer has ruined them, the last two years.

    Fingers crossed for some much needed rain.

  5. I just adore your garden. Not a section of water guzzling, lawn mowing intensive grass in site! Slowly but surely I'm removing my invasive Bermuda grass for more flower beds and am amazed more people don't do this. Flowers and other plants seem to use fewer resources than the grass. Anyway, your plants are just gorgeous too.

  6. Katine- Me too. My garden is so happy.
    Donna, If you knew me you'd understand why they get to stay. I think they are pretty.
    Alan- Thanks Alan. Hard work but worth it. I answered your question about the rose on our blog. Hope it helped.
    Linda- Yes it is . I had my best crop ever last year. The problem is you have to open it up during the day. I did remove eggs too and once time killed the moth.
    Lynn- I don't blame you for getting rid of the grass but grass is less maintenance in my opinion. Thanks for the compliment.

  7. Well I can tell you where about a hundred cedar waxwings are - At my house in Maypearl, TX.
    They were having a party in my birdbaths this afternoon and dining on possumhaw berries. :)