Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ever since we removed the two crepe myrtle trees from the front garden I have wondered how to enliven the large expanse of wall. I don't plan to replant trees in the space, at least for the time being. It seemed that it might work to add two of the mirrored boxes to the wall. We had used these on the outside wall to break up a similar area. As it happened we still had 2 mirrors left from the pack of six, so David got to work and built two more. I know... odd numbers work best. The three pot lizards on the wall were moved from the outside wall where they were no longer visible now that the Lady Bank's rose has grown so much. The bed beneath was completely cleaned out so it will be a while before it fills in with plantings.

This is one of the few places that bluebonnets are flowering this year. Most of the ones outside the walls have shriveled up due to the lack of rain. I think it is now too lat to expect any blooms from them. I hope we have a good seed bank. I think they have done better in this garden because there is a good layer of granite beneath the gravel, which tends to hold more moisture.

I may not be able to achieve a wildflower meadow, on the septic field, as I would like, but have no problem in the gravel garden. I am more than happy to leave the blackfoot daisies, four nerve daisies, bluebonnets and grasses to create their own garden.


  1. I love the idea of the mirrored boxes to break up the expanse of wall. Great idea! Your wildflowers are beautiful too.

  2. Everything is looking AMAZING as usual! Can't wait to see the garden progress through this season!

  3. Goodness gracious, this is so pretty. I think your boxes will work great. I wish I'd seen your garden when I was in Austin. Oh well, there's always next time. If you ever come to Oklahoma, please let me know. We'll have a cup of tea and stroll my garden.~~Dee

  4. Jayne, Thanks. The original idea came out of a Sunset mag. many years ago.
    Donald's garden-With the unseasonably warm temperatures we have been having it all seems to be happening at once.
    Dee-Any time you are coming to Austin you are welcome to visit and thank you for the invitation to take tea in your garden. That would be lovely.