Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sunday is farmer's market shopping day in Seattle. By that I mean the neighborhood market selling fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. Our bus dropped us off and gave us time to wander around and check out all the produce.

The word was out that there was a bakery close by that we must visit.

Pam, Caroline, Diana and I joined the long line of locals eager to get inside the store and make our selections.

Diana tweeted with the sweets.


It was then time to move on to the next treat of the day.

The garden of one of our wonderful hostesses, Lorene Edwards Forkner.

Here she is on the balcony of her house giving us a few pointers before we are let loose on her garden.

and here are the adoring crowds.

Lorene gardens in a much smaller space than any of the other gardeners we had met. She makes use of ever square inch of her property and like the other gardens her garden is bursting with fun ideas for garden decor; like this two tiered pot which adds height without breaking the bank account.

I'm not sure if this is a workspace but it certainly would be a nice little hidy-hole to tuck oneself away.

I'm with this. Just wish I could make them grow in Texas.

Gabions are an innovative and inexpensive way to create retaining walls and seating, as well as a neat little coffee table.

Lorene's book, Handmade Garden Projects, will be coming out in the fall where you will see these and many of her other garden projects.


I am starting to think that my eye is drawn more to garden structure than to the garden planting itself. Certainly this has been the case in many of the gardens we have visited, although I will admit that many of the plants have been stunning.

There was lots to see in Kate's garden.

Pathways are my favorite especially when they are mixed media.

I love all the odds and ends incorporated into this wall. I did wonder what was behind this crumpled tin plate.

There was plenty of color to behold too.

A palate of pink, purples and oranges set against a purple trellis.

Would you ever imagine that folk from Texas, where temperatures have been in the 100s for weeks, would be wilting by mid afternoon. Well we were. Our next visit was to South Seattle Community College Arboretum.


Here are some photos from our visit to the garden, noted for it Coenosium Rock Garden.

Another flinging fun day. Thanks ladies.


  1. You took such fabulous photos of Lorene's garden!!! I haven't even looked at mine yet, I hope they come close...

  2. That's a beautiful flower garden. I like the photos.

    Cassy from Best Online Guitar Lessons

  3. Lovely to see all the pics to keep the memories of a great 4 days alive!

  4. Beautiful photos, as usual! Lorene's garden looks particularly fun.

  5. Lovely gardens, again.
    I'm liking structure these days, too. It doesn't have to be watered.
    Thanks for the tour.

  6. Looks like a lot of fun, and cooler than what it is here. Really enjoyed the yard art, the mosaic ball in the bird bath was way neat.

    My camera settings on my G12 was just macro.

  7. Thanks so much for such thorough blogging on the fling!

  8. nice to see some of the faces in "real life". nice accessories

  9. Glad you got the bakery - it was such a yummy treat. And I did have to tweet the sweets! I haven't posted since Wednesday, so glad you have -- what great reminders of our fun time.

  10. All your photos are great, but I love the photos of Lorene at the "podium" addressing her adoring crowds the best!

  11. Everyone looks so happy in beautiful, cool Seattle, Rock Rose! Lorene's garden looks like a fun place.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  12. The bakery pictures bring back tasty memories! Like you, I always look carefully at a garden's hardscaping for inspiration. Plus it's often easier to photograph.