Saturday, October 15, 2011


After suffering the worst heat and drought this summer the garden was finally blessed this last week with 2" of rain and a moderation in temperatures. Suddenly everything has revived just in time for bloom day.
Please join Carol of Maydreams, our host for bloom day, and other gardeners around the world, in sharing with everyone the flowers in your garden this October bloom day.

The soft leaf yucca, Yucca recurvifolia,  is now in full bloom.

It is the cornerstone of the sunken garden.

An immediate response by rain lilies to this last week's rain.

When they seed I always try to catch the seeds and put them in a more suitable place. Unfortunately these have fallen right between the steps in the front of the house. They were still there this morning which means the deer haven't found them yet.

Only one patch of these yellow daises will flower this year and they are the ones I have watered for the last 3 weeks.

Confused by the weather a spring flowering Coreopsis tinctoria is in bloom.

Red spider zinnia among small flowered yellow zinnias.

More zinnias. These grew from seeds planted in the spring.

Red ice plant?

Snapdragon vine, Maurandaya antirrhiniflora.

Society garlic, Tulbaghia violacea.

and still the gomphrena keep on flowering.

The Salvia farinacea, cut back 3 weeks ago, is blooming again.

Salvia leucantha, not its best this year but putting on a late bloom.

A pot of narrow leaf zinnias.

It is always amazing how colorful plants become when we have cooler weather.

Jewels of Opar, Talium paniculatum, a passalong from Philip, East Side Patch.

The Philippine violet, Barleria cristata. This plant dies back down to the ground every winter but reaches 5' before the end of summer. It responds to shortening days.

Gregg's blue mistflower, Eupatorium greggii.

Always lots of zinnias seeding in the gravel in the vegetable garden.

Mexican marigold mint, Tagetes lucida.

The one and only Japanese anemone, looking rather sad. The large areas of this plant in the English garden suffered from the dry summer.

Finally Verbena bonariensis.

If you live in the Austin area, I, along with several other Austin garden bloggers, will be posting tomorrow about a competition with a chance to win gift certificates to several Austin area garden centers.


  1. So many beautiful plants have made it through your very hot and dry summer. The flowering Yucca is just magnificent and certainly is the star of your fabulous sunken garden.

    The Zinnias look so good, especially that pot of white and orange ones. Salvia leucantha is just wonderful and so is the Salvia farinacea. Both obviously didn't mind the conditions too much.

  2. It bloomed!!!! The Soft Leaf is beautiful!!!! All the other blooms are as well of course but happy to see it bloomed- and in time for the 15th bloom day post! Everything looks beautiful. I love the Philippine Violet as well- they have that rich color on the leaves that is a nice contrast.

  3. Drought? You had a drought?

    You would never know judging by these photos, as your garden looks beautiful. Though it is not the most colorful, I like the first photo the best.

  4. Zinnias are a fav for fall. Butterflies will find them.

  5. Everything looks just beautiful! Glad to see that your garden is perking up just as things here are beginning to decline.

  6. What a beautiful garden. I love that yucca. Everything is just gorgeous. Happy Bloom Day.

  7. Aren't the moderating temperatures wonderful? I'm glad to see your garden also responded. What a terrible summer, what a beautiful fall. Happy Bloom Day.~~Dee

  8. The yucca is beautiful! And, well protected from deer, inside your walled garden.
    And, I love the Philippine violet. Would love to have one. Not sure I have enough sun inside the fenced area.
    I'll be late for bloomday again...but, no time for editing and posting today. Longhorns home game.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden.
    Happy Bloomday.

  9. What a profusion of blooms and color in your garden. Love the light on that soft-leaf photo. I might have to search out that red spider zinnia - that is so pretty. My Mexican Mint Marigolds aren't blooming at all yet. And some smaller ones probably won't bloom. They were hit pretty hard by the drought. Maybe the rain will help and they'll change their minds!

  10. That is such a vibrant display...even compared to last week!

  11. Glad you got some rain! Your yucca looks outstanding...what a plume of blooms! Happy GBBD!

  12. Wonderful Pictures. Happy Bloom Day

  13. aloha,

    i love your rock garden, the yucca is a stunning plant especially in full bloom.

    thanks for sharing

  14. So glad to hear you got some rain. Love the blue salvia against the buff gravel. Beautiful October bloom day in your garden.

  15. Wow, I love your garden! It is amazing to me that so many things are in bloom. Absolutely gorgeous!

  16. you would never know you were in a drought by these photos. everything is so pretty. wish we could send you some of the record amounts of rain from upstate NY. it would be nice if we could balance it out.

  17. It is amazing what a little rain can do. Happy GBBD.

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. WIsh I had room for that stunning yucca.

  19. Beautiful blooms! That yucca is stunning - wow!

  20. Beautiful displays! Your plants are lucky to live in a garden that has such a kind gardener that cares so much. That second photo is stunning. I'd frame it and hang it on the wall if I were you. :-) David/ Houston

  21. Absolutely many gorgeous blooms...I'm totally smitten by the Mistflower...and you just can't go wrong with Gomphrena!

  22. As always, lots of color in your garden. Strangely, none of my rain lilies bloomed (likely they were too shocked). Really liking the colors of the zinnias and gomphrena; and the soft leafed yucca is really nice. Happy GBBD!

  23. Nana. The garden looks amazing. I thought you had a drought?! Unable to tell with these photos. Love Vivian.