Saturday, October 1, 2011


The other day I was out doing my usual early morning inspection when I noticed this. A flower forming on my soft leaf yucca, Yucca recurvifolia.

I'll swear that flower stalk was not there yesterday. Surely I would have noticed it.

But then again, just like the flower stalk on the agave this flower grows at an enormous rate. The good news is that the plant will not die.

These photographs were taken on each morning for four days. Here we are today.

How many days until the blooms open? Less than a week I think. This is one yucca that will flower because it is protected from wildlife. All my yuccas outside the walls have their flower stalks nipped off before they open.


  1. Love this plant. Looks great around the pool. No leaf litter is the best kind of plant around water features!

  2. Very exciting!!! Can't wait to see the bloom!

  3. Seriously? Something eats your yucca flowers?...that's horrible!

  4. Rohrebot-Yes- not good to have litter makers around the pool. I do have a few!
    Kacky- I'm excited too. This week I am sure.
    Danger garden- Oh yes. deer love this flower stalk. Think asparagus.

  5. Doesn't appeal to my palette.

  6. So interesting! I can't wait to see the flower.
    I love all your plants around the pool, btw.. Very pretty!

  7. Greggo- I'm really shocked you would say that! Remember we live in Texas and it is not an easy place to garden. Neither desert nor temperate. Alkaline off the scale. No rain, 15" at one go. 90 100 +degree days this summer. Tough going my man!

    Indie-I'm excited to see the bloom too. I'm always impressed by a plant that can produce a flower that quickly. It is almost like it is saying, 'watch me go'

  8. What a fast growing stalk!!! It really is gorgeous by the pool, with all your other lovelies!!!

  9. I posted this on mine but in case you don't see it in time:
    It should be- if not there is a bloom right under it that is about ready to open up- it was SO pretty today! I had never seen one. Bring your camera in case it is if you want to photo it. The Cereus were all in bloom as well - I took shots but didn't post but there will be some tomorrow that should open as well as a few days in a row- they are pretty loaded. I can let you know if you want when I get out there if it is still open. Or call me and I can tell you- 713-829-2114- I will be out early- we had a whole 18 wheeler unload today and I am about 1/4 of the way done telling everyone where I want stuff to go..... ugh.

  10. That is fast growth. Fortunately, it will live beyond blooming. Is that pink flower gomphrena? gail

  11. I love these dramatic plants. I can't wait to see the bloom.

  12. My yucca offers these surprises about every other year on average. I am often so amazed at how fast it all happens. Yours is looking so lovely!

  13. Jenny, I am very grateful to the Yuccas and Agaves in my garden for their fortitude in tough times. I've also learned to appreciate the architectural element they bring to my corner bed.

    I do have Crocosmia/Montbretia bulbs and plants for you. I'm hoping I can make it to Austin this month and will bring them if I do.

  14. I've not had this one bloom in my yard. I can't wait to see it. Does it have a fragrance? Most don't,except for something mild.
    Enjoy those green eggs from your nice neighbor. If I could, I'd send you some. :-)

  15. Hello Rock Rose, I am entranced with the plantings around your pool. Could you give us the names ? And, do you have any problems with bes attacking you in the pool!
    San Antonio

  16. Fascinating! I'm looking forward to seeing it open.

  17. Julie- I'd better not close my eyes. I might miss the flower!
    Kacky-Sorry I didn't get out there. I have been really busy and you are not in a direction I normally go. Maybe this weekend. Thanks for the phone number. I know I will be planting this fall- if only it would get down in the 70s with some rain!
    Gail- Yes, it is the gomphrena 'fireworks' This is the first year with this one and I really like it. Grown from seed just like the globe amaranth.
    Commonweeder- I think by Saturday and you can bet I will be blogging about it.
    Sage Butterfly- this is the first year to bloom but I love the plant bloom or not.
    Cindy- Give me a heads up when you are coming into town. I would love some of the crocosmia. Hope it would like the rocky soils here.
    David- I don't know bout the fragrance because every one outside is eaten by deer before it opens its flowers. I would imagine it is pollinated by moths although I seem to remember reading somewhere that the moths that pollinate it are dying out. On the green eggs- if! and you enjoy.
    Judith- Never been stung by a bee. It is the wasps that sting and I have had paper wasp stings on my hands multiple times. I now know to run in the house and put hydrocortisone on the sting if I don't want my hand to swell up. Around the pool I have S. greggii, gomphrena, yellow rose, S. victoria, iris, zinnias, skullcaps, to name a few. Bees are too busy.
    Ruth- I hope you enjoyed your Indian summer. You did have one, right.

  18. I've got one about to bloom too. Out of 6 though. Wonder what the others are waiting for?

  19. NOW I get your garden! Great scenes and visiting with you and David this morning. More later when I go through my photos, over and out for now!