Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 I am not one to use a lot of colorful accents in the garden. I like to leave the color to mother nature. Most of my plant pots are clay and garden furniture brown. However, I am not one to pass up a good deal and when the cushions went on sale at Garden Ridge I decided it was time to dress up the furniture.

This is a favorite spot of ours to sit and have tea on a winter's afternoon. It catches the westerly afternoon sun.

 The little table is made from a clay plant pot, faux finished with a glass top and holds my collection of fossilized sharks teeth and a variety of other beach flotsam.

It is a pleasant place to sit and listen to the fountain bubbling to itself.

In the same garden is another favorite place. Sheltered from the north wind and facing south we often eat lunch out here on sunny winter days when we are at home.

I heard an interesting statistic the other day while listening to BBC radio 4, Gardeners' Question Time. They were talking about the increase in profits made by garden centers. However, most of the money spent is on garden furniture, ornaments and barbecues. Now I know this is England but I think it is probably true in most of our garden centers too. I certainly have noticed they are selling more in the way of pots, furniture and decorations for the garden.


  1. Being a new follower of your blog I am not so familiar with the layout of your garden...I must say these pictures paint a picture of a beautiful space! (and I love the new cushions)

  2. Love the new cushions.
    I've noticed more 'stuff' in nurseries, too. I guess no matter where in the world we are, we like to decorate our gardens.
    Your looking good.

  3. Looking good.

    These pictures highlight two kinds of grasses in your garden. I recognize one of them (mexican feather grass). What is the other?

    -Matt in Austin

  4. Danger garden- Thank you. I think rather like you I am going to be getting more spiky this next year. I just have to make sure the spikes aren't too close to the chairs and warn the grandchildren!
    Linda-I was really taken with the colors. They seem to go well with the garden and the house color.
    Matt- The other grass is Nerviglumis 'pink crystals' it is a faithful seeder to the point of being a little invasive. However, it is easy to pull and when it flowers with pink plumes it is magic.

  5. Very good choice!
    Great color and very elegant!!

  6. Looks relaxing and inviting. Great selection!

  7. You have some lovely spots. I think the simplest garden decor is the most beautiful and practical.

  8. love your blogs - the photos are truly beautiful. i especially love Nyams and the English Tour. my family has strong connections to UK since the 14th century and i was born and live in australia. cheers.

  9. I could relax there. for sure.

  10. I do love your garden. Your new fabric looks gorgeous. I have outdoor cushions in the same fabric! It's great to see what it looks like in someone else's garden.

  11. What delightful seating areas. The color of the fabric certainly adds a punch. I love the idea of the pot with the shells etc. and the glass top to make a table.

  12. Kudos to your creativity & designing Techniques, Marvelous Garden.

  13. Yolanda and Greenwords- It isn't often that I find the perfect pattern that I like. This time I was lucky.
    Kacky and Greggo- Wouldn't it be nice to have more time to relax out there.
    Sage Butterfly- SOmetimes the odd touch of whimsy here and there just does the trick.
    The bees house- I imagine someone has traced your genealogy. That is my second hobby but I am only back to the 1600s No records before that.
    Jayne- One has to find something to do with all the shells one brings home from the beach.
    Roomdesigner- Thanks for your kind words.

  14. I love seeing wide views of your garden, which you have designed marvelously to look stunning even after record heat and drought.

  15. I am new to your blog...your plant and pictures are amazing but...would you please tell me what the finish and color is on your exterior walls?
    They look gorgeous as a backdrop to your garden! I would love to know!
    Thank You & Keep Up The Good Work!

  16. Graceful vintage-Thanks for visiting. The exterior finish is integral color stucco. Can't remember the color name but it is one of La Habras colors. I think you could see it on their website.