Saturday, December 17, 2011


Everyone likes to see pretty pictures of life in the garden, but that is not a real gardening life. Sometimes things aren't quite so pretty.

I shouldn't have grumbled so much about the mockingbird sitting on my patio and pooping on the floor. At least that was easy to clean up. He has now taken up his winter residence in the Spanish bayonet and several times a day he sits on the tips of the leaves and, quite frankly, makes the most awful mess.

Even the rain is no match for this, washing everything down to the stem where the seeds will soon start to sprout! It is quite apparent that I provide too much food and a comfortable, if not prickly, home for him.

Think that a little tinsel and a snake would scare him away.

Not on your life.


  1. HA! He looks to be thanking you very much for decorating his house for Christmas.

    I've wished many times for a giant clear protection bubble to put over certain plants or, being a syfy fan, a force field I could turn on and off. Guess that's what keeps us on our toes. My mocking bird and cardinals decimated most of my succulents this year, despite plenty of fresh water and food sources.

  2. OK, that last photo made me laugh out loud.

  3.'s a love/hate relationship.
    He does look quite happy with the new decorations..haha

    Good luck...

  4. Sounds like scaring off a content bird from a prized plant is like buying a scratching post for a cat, to keep it off your sofa...yeah, that'll work!

    Still trying to find some sacrificial plants to keep rabbits off other plants...

  5. HA! What a mess, Mockingbirds are so persistent.

    Maybe a powerwasher?

  6. I think a mockingbird in a Spanish bayonet beats a partridge in a pear tree any day!

  7. Seems like an interesting choice of perch for that mockingbird. It's a good thing mockingbirds don't flock, right? :-)

  8. I'm with Caroline, I think you've got to come up with a whole new song!

  9. His photos have reminded me my blackbirds.
    They do the same!
    Perhaps a movement detector spray for cats?
    It's difficult, they moved to another part of the garden...

  10. I laughed out loud at that last picture! Cheeky bugger!

  11. I would not like to get stuck by this Spanish Bayonet! YIKES!

  12. Hi Jenny,
    Yes, it's a mess. But think of all those beautiful songs it will sing for you in your garden.
    In the meantime, I thought about you as I made my garden Yucca Claus.
    Stop by and have a laugh.
    And..thanks for another great year of sharing your garden with us.
    David/ :-0 ho ho ho

  13. Ooh, shiny! I bet he's wondering why those "berries" aren't cooperating.

  14. An interesting choice of bird repellent :)

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