Saturday, June 2, 2012


Celebrations are underway in Great Britain and many Commonwealth countries to mark the  Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth the second's ascension to the throne. She ascended on February 6th 1952 following the death of her father George VI. Her coronation took place June 2nd 1953.

Only one monarch before her celebrated a diamond jubilee and that was Queen Victoria on June 20th 1897.
Floral tributes have been many.

Waddeston Manor Gardens courtesy fo the Daily Telegraph.

Charmaine's Florist, Southsea courtesy of the  Daily Telegraph

St James' Park, courtesy of the Daily Telgraph.
At the Chelsea flower show this rose named Rosa 'Queen's Jubilee Rose' won a Gold Medal for Peter Beale's Roses. The rose took ten years to develop.

There will be many celebrations going on in towns all over the country. Champagne corks will pop and Pimms will be drunk at many of the street and private parties. The celebration will be similar to that of the coronation on June 2nd 1953. I was one of 2 million children who received a coronation mug and drank her cocoa in it every night! On the day itself we went to my grandparent's house to watch the coronation on TV. We didn't have a TV at the time! There was such excitement although for an 8 year old the ceremony was rather long.
I certainly hope I will be able to catch some of the celebrations on TV.


  1. I love what we share with our English brothers and sisters!

  2. What gorgeous displays - that giant crown is impressive! Enjoy the celebrations!

  3. That Queen's Jubilee Rose is gorgeous - such a delicate color. I hope you were able to catch some of the coverage on TV. We watched the river parade on BBC America. Very impressive, in spite of the weather ( since when did we Brits allow a little rain to dampen our spirits?)

  4. As young women, my mother and Aunt (alongside many others) watched the Coronation in colour through the window of a TV shop here in New Zealand. It was the first time they had seen colour television! I believe the film had been hand coloured.

    I'll be looking out for her rose in the shops this season - looks lovely.

  5. I remember going to a relative's house to watch the Coronation. We thought it a big event, which it was.

  6. London looked amazing and the river celebration was impressive. The members of the chorus who stood in the rain to sing showed the world once again what it means to "carry on".

  7. Thanks for sharing -- we've been watching but I love your garden related tributes.

  8. Beautiful! My wife and I could not remember which Monarch celebrated this wonderful event in the was either Queen Elizabeth or Queen Victoria...and you told us the answer. Thanks. :0) David

  9. Beautiful pictures and makes me wish that my Mere (grandmother) who was a war bride from England before she moved to Canada and married my Grandad could have seen it. A very special day indeed.