Sunday, June 10, 2012


Two years ago I bought another Texas clematis, Clematis pitcheri, at the Wildflower Center Sale. It performed poorly last year but sprang back to life this spring following the winter rain. A week ago it began to bloom.

The unopened bloom looked like a little Chinese lantern. The color a little disappointing but then maybe it would color-up in time.

It didn't. As someone who loves everything in nature I find myself rather disappointed by the underperformance of this flower.


  1. I like this bicolor bloom, Jenny. I have two of these clematis, and they are different in color. One is purple outside and almost black-purple inside; the other is pale lavender outside and purple inside. I was surprised to see on Red House Garden blog, a white C. pitcheri. I'd never seen a white one before, but would love to have one, or a bicolor like you show.

  2. Jenny, I'm frequently disappointed by some of my plants! Most often, mine bloom much less than I think they should, of course. But then, I get wonderfully surprised by things like my Texas Bluebells, that are on their third week of prolific purple gorgeous long lasting blooms. You win some, you lose some.

  3. I'd gladly take a vine that flowers over the the ones I have (coral honeysuckle, confederate jasmine and boston ivy). It's not that they necessarily to poorly, they just don't like to bloom (of course, the boston ivy won't bloom, duh).

  4. Don't be disappoint4ed, it's beautiful! It's a very delicate looking flower and the chinese lantern stage would have been enough to satisfy me. I have horrible luck with flowers. My moment in the sun this year was getting a single sunflower to bloom.

  5. They do seem to be quite variable - mine were a delicate white with lavender at the top. I was very surprised when I saw the color! Mine seemed to be unhappy with the two locations that I tried it in and did not bloom very much, but I did like the little blooms it had. Alas, now a vole has eaten it!

  6. It's just a "different" kind of beauty. But, if you really have been unhappy with it the past 2 years, I think you've given it a fair chance. Rip it out if you don't like it and plant something else you've been wanting.
    Have a wonderful week.