Saturday, November 24, 2012


All summer we had our afternoon tea in the shade, but not any more.

Today, we drove home from our family Thanksgiving in Dallas. It was such a gorgeous fall day. I couldn't wait to get outside in the garden. Despite the sun the air is chilly by 3:30pm, and when tea time arrived we needed a place to sit in the sun. The link between our garage and house is the spot, as it faces the west. That is where I have my little sea shell table and two chairs.

 The grasses, Melinis nerviglumis, are back-lit at this time of the day and really look wonderful. They no longer need their pink plumes to steal the show. Sitting here affords me the chance to look over the entry garden and decide which of the grasses will be removed before the next season.

Then the sun sinks behind the high wall and the magic show is over for another day.


  1. The best part of your beautiful garden is that you're actually out there enjoying it!

  2. You're fortunate to be able to enjoy a garden in November. But, I won't trade you summers-LOL!

  3. We have had the best weather lately! Sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving ... I know you added your beautiful garden among the many things you're grateful for

  4. Every time I read your blog I feel compelled to have a cup of PG Tips. Thanks for the reminder to get out into my garden and enjoy it instead of just working on it!