Wednesday, September 25, 2013


If you don't know what  hand-me-ups are, just have a guess. Yes! They are items passed up to you by your children. This time I am just thrilled to find a new home for this wonderful female Bacchus. She   has replaced the sun who has been relegated to an outside wall!

This and several other items had been lying on the ground, down the side of my son's house, for more than 5 years. The last time we were there I asked what if anything he was going to do with them. "Take them" he said. They were loaded on our truck in a flash. I knew exactly where this lady was going to go. She would replace the sun, which had replaced the planter with the Huernia schneideriana, which had replaced the original green man. Don't anyone say I am not up for a change.

There were also 4 architectural relics on the ground, and those too have found a home among the Ficus repens ivy which covers this retaining wall.

I may just have to do a little more scouting around next time I visit. I think it is time to rename this garden.


  1. How wonderful! I'd have carted those off without an argument as well. I like the idea of changing out garden artifacts on a periodic basis, although I'm always reluctant to let go of my favorites.

  2. How lovely. I also like that ivy covering the wall. I would like something like that to cover our ugly wall.

  3. Everything looks wonderful on a wall covered by fig ivy. But that Bacchus is really fab.