Saturday, September 21, 2013


When I opened the Austin American Statesman this morning there I was on the front page of the Lifestyles section.

I met with the author, Carolyn Lindell, a couple of weeks ago. She was planning to write an article on how the gardener can protect him or herself from aches and pains. I think she chose the right person to talk with. After all I have been gardening for over 45 years with not a care in the world until...... It was imperative that I do something about it and quickly. The two days spent lying on my back were enough for me to recognize that I don't do well when I can't get out in my garden. As though I didn't know that already, suffering from cabin fever after only one day spent indoors!
After a visit to the chiropractor I began serious exercises. Every morning as soon as I get up I take out my green gardening tools and go to work. As Carolyn mentions in the article I am rather amused by the color of the tools. The chiropractor gave me a green tennis ball. I already had the green child's ball. I bought the foam roller at a local store: all they had was green. The stretchy band came from a garage sale ($1) and a large body ball which is also green cost $2 at a garage sale. The rolling pin is brown. I don't believe I need anything else.
The article is well worth reading if you live in Austin and can get a hold of the paper. There is plenty of useful information.
I want to continue gardening as long as I can and I don't want aches and pains to stop me.


  1. Good picture of you but you should be mad at the paper for getting your age wrong because there is no way you are 68! Be blessed!

  2. I want to read the article! Do you know if it's available online? I tried but couldn't find it.

    1. Send me your email in the reply and I will send the article.

  3. I'm so glad you seemed to have recovered from your accident with the crossvine! It is often difficult to maintain proper body mechanics while gardening - there isn't always the space for good posture or to get your feet in proper weight bearing position. Your story reminds us not to take anything for granted when it comes to working in our outdoor spaces. Staying in good shape require a bit of thought whether you do so in a gym, on a court, or out in the fields!

  4. It's a great article. You give good advice. We gardeners do usually just rush out the door, grab our tools, and get to work. A good idea to prep our bodies for that hard work.

    You look great, by the way.

  5. I would rather see you in the paper because of your beautiful garden, but we can all take a lesson from your gardening accident. The article is online for subscribers. You can get a 24 hour pass for 99 cents.

  6. Great photo of you and definitely good advice that I should follow more closely!.

  7. Yay, Jenny!

    Boo HIss to the newspaper for charging for such a delightful article.