Wednesday, March 26, 2014


That may seem quite a tall order-to come up with 51 reasons why to grow a plant. At this time of the year it's easy. I just go outside and count the buds on my Claret Cup cactus, Echinocereus coccineus. They begin as tiny swellings just below the spines erupting through the tough, waxy skin of the cactus.

I have counted 51 in all but I will have to wait a while before the show begins. For most of the year the cactus grows quietly among the gravels in my garden before busting into bloom over a period of several weeks.

This year they are likely to have the whole show to themselves because there are few bluebonnets and blackfoot daisies where they are planted.

I just watch and wait for the show to begin.


  1. I love mine Jenny but wish the blooms would last longer. It always looks like there is a light shining out from the very center to me.

    1. I love them too bob and wish I had more. None of them have ever produced seed.

  2. Wow! And what a show that is! That red is just stunning--enjoy that show and thank for sharing.

  3. The neighbors across the street have a large prickly pear that blooms and I just think they are so beautiful. Also the tunas add a splash of color. I sneak across the street and pick off the cochineal bugs for plant dyes.

  4. Ooooh. Anticipation is half the fun isn't it? I'm hopeful we'll see a follow up post filled with the blooms once they appear. That deep red is a real show-stopper.

  5. How does that song go...Anticiiiipaaation! lol What beautiful blooms! Can't wait to see them all blooming at once!

  6. I just saw one at the Wildflower Center in full bloom. It'll be in my Bloom Day post tomorrow.