Friday, September 23, 2016


I'm thrilled with how my garden balls worked out. I decided to relocate all the balls to the English garden. They are a perfect complement to the circular pavers and all things circular in this garden. Now, I just need to find a bigger mold. Once I tried to use a child's ball but it just collapsed. Probably the wrong kind.

If you missed my posting on how I made the balls you can find it at project if the week.


  1. I make miniature garden balls out of Tennessee clay just rolling them by hand. Does that count?! :D

  2. I make balls with leftover hypertufa after I cast troughs. I caught the kids rolling them down the slide one day, trying to hit each other in the feet!

  3. Love spheres, orbs, balls. Don't love mixing up stuff. The dollar store used to have beautiful little ceramic balls. I miss all the things I should have bought dozens back when they were in the stores and I never thought about today when there would not be any.

    You can just plant hyacinths in the ground and they'll get enough chill. Potted hyacinths tucked into an out-of-they-way bed can get chill and then be pulled out and brought inside to bloom early.