Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Mine is a garden of self-seeding plants. Not all plant place themselves in places that I would choose, but many do.
In a corner of my front courtyard garden a tree senna, Senna corymbosa, has grown. It couldn't be more perfect. A place for birds to sit before and after visiting the bird bath. It has always been a difficult corner because no sun reaches the corner so the tree has grown out rather than up and there is heavier growth and flowering on the front side.

And the Lindheimer senna, Senna lindheimeriana,  seen here outside the garden walls.

and plenty have seeded inside the front courtyard too.

They are two of my native plants whose flowering brings light into the garden in September.
Native blackfoot daisies, Melanpodium leucanthum are never happier than in the poor gravel of the English garden.

And rock rose, Pavonia lasiopetala,would just like to take over other places in the English garden, if I let it.

 I think I need to encourage it to spread its wings and grow outside with the the zexmenia, Wedelia hispida.

This very fine stemmed and leaved plant is greenthread, Thelesperma filifolium.

Zexmenia and thelosperma growing together
I'll be saving seeds from the gomphrena 'strawberry fields' for next year. It has put on an amazing show covering the gravel in one area of the English garden. Last year I had one plant here.

Another gomphrena that has reseeded is Gomphrena globosa 'fireworks' I cut this plant back to the ground a few weeks ago.

And once again the pathways in the vegetable garden are filled with flowery weeds!

I guess I will never change.


  1. No need to change a thing! Your garden is my favorite of all the garden blogs I visit!

  2. As so many locals say...'if it ain't broke, don't fix it!".

    Absolutely lovely and testimony to not only the staying power, but the rebound power of your re-seeders. The color of those "Strawberry Fields" blossoms is stunning!

  3. I envy your fulsome supply of flowery weeds, Jenny! I hope the Gomphrena 'Fireworks' in my garden will prove to be similarly exuberant. I'm finally seeing more plants spread but Geranium incanum, Centranthus ruber, and Erigeron karvinskianus remain my most prevalent flowering weeds.

  4. I love my self-seeded plants, too, but yours are just perfect!!!

  5. I think that your have the finest of gardens. It is always nice to work with nature and let her help decide where plants will grow best.