Monday, October 17, 2016


We had a taste of fall last week. Gardens and gardeners alike breathed a sigh of relief. We opened the windows and delighted in turning the air conditioners off. It was short lived. Summer came back with 90 degree temperatures. The windows were closed and the AC turned back on. Will it ever end?

Two fall plants in the English garden, Gregg's blue mist flower, Conoclinium greggii,  and a Japanese anemone, Anemone x hybrida  purchased so long ago I have lost the name. I would love to have a white one but have not seen the anemone for sale since the time I bought this one.

They spread quickly by underground runners so are easy to propagate. This area of the English garden is fairly shaded from the hot summer sun by the cedars outside the wall although there is less shade now that we have removed the yaupon holly tree. It was leaning forward because of the cedars outside the garden and was just generally in the way. The bed will now be herbaceous plants only.

The Mandevilla vine has reached the top of the trellis but it is not as thick and healthy as it should be.  Possibly due to it being on this south facing wall. Maybe a change of location next year I can keep it alive over the winter.

I'm getting ready to change out the plants in the window box in front of the potting shed window but with the profusion of narrow leaf zinnias, Zinnia liniaris and the 90º temperatures I think I will wait. This is a very hot wall.

The Philippine violet, Barleria cristata is just beginning to flower. I can think of no other plant that is as fuss-free as this one. It has never been visited by insect or disease. Famous last words! I now have nearly a dozen of theses plants that have seeded around the garden. Of course they are all along the edge of pathways where the seeds were blown.

Philippine violet
This is one that grew along the edge of the path and was never removed!

We are now waiting for the emergence of the copper canyon daisy and the Mexican mint marigold. They should flower well into November. Roll on those perfect Texas fall days. I think we may be getting one this weekend which will be perfect for the Wildflower Center Happy Hour event, in our garden, this Friday.


  1. I heard that the heat was on in Texas - I hope fall returns soon and stays on its next visit! We're having something of the same experience. We actually got a small amount of rain this weekend but the Santa Ana winds are set to return tomorrow, with temperatures expected to soar back into the 90s. As always I love your Barleria but I now at last I have a version of my own, Barleria obtusa. It's lower-growing than your B. cristata but the flowers and the spreading proclivities seem to be similar.

  2. Your garden looks fantastic despite the heat!

    But I do hope you get cooler temps soon :)

  3. Your garden looks so pretty with all those flowers blooming! We are coming to the end of our flowering season up here in the North. We've also had unusually warm temperatures, but ours are enjoyable ones in the 80's and a last respite before the chilly weather. I hope your cooler fall temps come soon for you!