Saturday, November 19, 2016


Our long summer will end this weekend with a frost.

By Monday there will be no flowers draping over the open greenhouse door. It has been the latest bloom on the cross vine in my memory.
The window box against the potting shed will be replaced by a box of winter annuals patiently waiting in the wings.

Seeds will be collected from the narrow leaf zinnias that have performed through the hot summer.

All the cactus and succulents and citrus have left their summer homes for the potting shed greenhouse and house.

The anole is wondering what the heck is going on. All his favorite plants have disappeared.

The two large plumerias are inside the house.

And what will become of my lovely papaya tree.Too big to try to cover it will undoubtedly be a shriveled mess by morning. I might try putting a fan underneath it to keep the frost from settling but it will only be a temporary stay. But let me think about that some more.

Only a crazy gardener would try to protect such a plant.

I am praying that a papaya will not seed itself in my garden next year. I'm getting too old for these kind of antics.


  1. We have a freeze warning here, for tonight...or, early tomorrow morning.
    We got some things undercover. The rest are on their own.
    Good luck.

  2. I've only experienced frost a few times as a gardener, each time as a surprise occurrence. Even when expected, I imagine it presents a bit of a shock. I hope the papaya makes it!

  3. Wow, frost for you before us, that seems odd! I know what you mean about "too old"... I think that every year when my great migration begins. Good luck!

  4. So sad about the papaya. And lucky cacti---I'd love to winter in a greenhouse!
    We have a raging snowstorm going on outside as I write this. Frankly, I'm glad. I look forward to a few months of rest and visiting the INSIDE of my home.

  5. So strange - we have yet have frost here in the Boston area as well! Tonight might be the night but very strange that it is the same time as yours!

  6. Love the anole photo! Don't get me started on migration of non-hardy plants indoors... what a task! How much light do your plumeria get indoors? I've got mine in a window for the first time and am wondering what to expect.

    1. This is the first time I have brought them indoors. Last year they were in the garage for the winter. Didn't seem to harm them.