Friday, March 10, 2017


The first is my garage sale basket with garage sale goodies. It has been sitting there for a while waiting for me to do something with the contents. Maybe this week.

I'm told the humming birds start showing up around the middle of March so I'd better get the new hummingbird feeder filled and out there. They will be hungry after their long flight from South America. I have decided to place it among the flowers instead of hanging it. Easier for me to deal with. I didn't have the required 1/2" dowel so I used 3 thin pieces of bamboo for the time being. I made up my own sugar water 1/4 cup sugar to 1 cup of water, brought to the boil and cooled.

And the wrens were busy today trying to decide which of the three shelves and behind which cactus pot to build their nest. They just can't make up their minds. A pair spent the morning bobbing back and forward, putting little pieces of nest material along and behind the pots, and then seemed to give up, probably because we had workmen coming and going.

The mesh bags of lint are for them to line their nest. I have been collecting lint all year and have filled two mesh bags. As a reminder, if you are going to save lint for the birds make sure you don't use fabric softener.

I need to make a base for the heron as he only has one leg to stand on! I think a slice of cedar tree should work.

There are a couple of metal plaques and a ceramic toadstool. I'll find a home for them out there. And a small sun. I don't care for the orange paint so I need to tone that down a little before he joins the others on the sun and moon wall. Talking of which......

We had to have some stucco work done on the archway wall and they had to remove all the original stucco. At least they built a tent so that the debris wouldn't get on my garden but it didn't stopped the massive amounts of dust as they sawed through the 1" thick stucco. The suns and moons had to be taken down and are in the second basket.

That part of the job is finished now but we may have to wait  few days before putting them back up. Meanwhile I found another sun and moon that I couldn't resist, at a price I couldn't resist, even though I had to drive 18 miles to get it.

My original intention was to put him over the sun and moon archway but I am not sure that is the right place. He may replace the rather rusty old sun we bought in Mexico one year.

Oh! I don't know about that, I rather like his rusty old face.


  1. Don't forget to set out eggshells too! Birds eat them as a source of calcium for egg production.

    I love your new sun/moon piece -- it's beautiful!

  2. All you sun and moon ornaments are wonderful - I really like the new one too! I should collect my dryer lint - I've never thought of doing that. I noticed that my own hummingbird feeder is empty when a bird landed there this afternoon and went away dejected after trying 2 ports so that's also on my list. And I still have the last of 3 cubic yards of mulch to spread...

  3. So much going the new Sun Moon plaque. Humming birds in March better put my feeders out too! I have been saving dryer lint and scrapes of yarn etc. for our birds also. The mesh bag is a great idea. I found some balls made out of grape vine to tuck it into. I didn't know about not using softener, luckily I don't and I even use scent free and clear laundry soap.