Sunday, September 10, 2017


The garden never ceases to provide us with an endless list of jobs to be done. As the cooler temperatures arrive there are plenty of outdoor jobs to be done.  Suddenly I remember those indoor gardening jobs I planned to do when it was 100º Somehow they just never got done.
This week I made a start on some garden ornaments that I needed to protect from the elements before putting them outside. After finally managing to pry the lid off the can of varnish and locating a paintbrush I made a start. By the time I had finished there wasn't a single metal item that hadn't received a coat of protective varnish. I found a shady place to work and made a start.

It was a job worth doing because it gave a new lease on life to all of them. These butterflies and dragonflies I picked up at a garage sale for $1. They looked pretty shabby with flaking areas.

I inherited this piece of decorative wall art from a friend who was leaving town. It spruced up nicely and found a place to hang it. This one I can see from my kitchen window.

These plaques came from a garage sale in Denver when we were traveling in our trailer some years ago. Not sure where they are going to go yet.

Then on to the wooden items. The fish who sits in the side garden pond as well as the wooden plaque above the side entrance.

Then I ventured to the outside to protect several metal wall hangings. It's quite amazing how it changed their appearance.

The bird houses were next. One of the owl houses needed a new floor, which David worked on. After which I shingled the roof.

The tree is turning into a shrine to owls. Surely this year the screech owl will come.

With plenty of bark left over I shingled another bird house. Outdoor things need all the protection they can get.

There! I ticked off quite a few items this week. Now to go and walk around the garden and see what needs doing.


  1. Did you purchase your owl house or did you construct your own? We have screech owls in the neighborhood (We hear them at night sometimes) and we want to try our best to ensure that they stay.

  2. Well done! All your ornaments look perfectly placed too!

  3. I'm impressed with all you got done and I love your roof shingles. This is a difficult time of year when we are having beautiful weather so I hate to bring anything in or get it ready for winter. Which means I always wind up outside working in miserable weather in early Nov.!

  4. You've been usual.
    Love all your art.
    I think I'll steal your idea for the birdhouse roof. I have a decorative one that needs some shingles.

  5. Love the bark shingling job! You have such a fun collection of outdoor decorations. The garden is looking lovely, too!