Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This morning it was my perfect gardening day. Overcast 70 degrees and from time to time a little drizzle. Time to plant some of those seedlings I have been growing. There is a good chance of rain tomorrow so what better time. At the same time some of the beds got a much needed infusion of good soil. This time some of the Natural Gardener's rose soil. It is their best and I notice among the mix is a good dose of hadite( expanded shale). Some of it went into the raised bed where the Zepherine drouin is growing. I have been threatening to pull her out because despite a good early spring performance the rest of the year is a disaster with blackspot. 

I will relent again as today there are clusters of fragrant pink roses above our little seating area in the front garden. I plan to do a serious pruning after she has finished the big show removing some of the really old canes. Then maybe with the new soil things will improve for the rest of the year.

I was interested to see the gardeners at the Wildflower Center pulling out the pink primroses. They said they were just pulling them back from the edges to control them, which is exactly what I do. I still like to have a few clumps of them here and there.

The buzzard is keeping a watchful eye over the creek bed. You can see the bluebonnets in the background which are taking over the seating area.

Columbine and gaura fill the raised beds.
I wish these plants would always stay this tidy but there is not much hope for that in Texas.

These are the only kind of plants that stay tidy in my garden.


  1. Glad there are others pulling out their pink primroses . . . given half a chance, mine would take over ALL the planting beds. Love your picture in your bluebonnets! all of my are pale blue this year and kind of puny . . .

  2. What a lovely garden full of wonderful color. I can't imagine anything I'd rather have taking over my seating area than those beautiful bluebonnets. I love your vulture -- that's the best kind!

  3. Your garden looks lovely, and I especially like your froggie--he has lots of personality!

  4. Ha! Yes, the cacti and agaves are the only ones that stay tidy in my garden too. Everything else gets rank unless one does major trimming every so often.

  5. I just love your garden! It's so beautiful and looks perfect for the thin hill country soil. I found you via Pam @ Digging who said you had an Agave desmettiana which you say is hard to get through winter. I have what I think is one of them and was hoping I could get it through the winter without too much hassle. But maybe I'm dreaming. :-) Like I said, LOVE your garden!

  6. I think I mentioned this before, but I just love the look of your garden, and also your choice of yard art. Much of your style is what I'm aiming for in my garden.

  7. Mary Beth- My bluebonnets are really coming along now that they have had some rain. All is not lost afterall.
    Morning Glories- I'm an easy person to buy for!
    Pam- After the rain I'm sure I'll be out there trimming too.
    Jean- I don't know what my problem with desmettiana is . I have a couple which get no water and they fare better so I'm beginning to think that may be part of the problem.
    Aiyanna- You can see I love the dry garden look. well, we have so much rock and too little soil. I am going to try a few more succulent and cactus next year. I would love my cactus to flower like yours.