Friday, March 20, 2009


One of the most wonderful things about having a garden is being able to pop out and pick a few flowers for the house. I always allow plants to grow here there and everywhere in vegatable beds and pathways on the pretext that I will be cutting them to bring inside. One of the stems on the unknown double narcissus was broken off today. I couldn't let it languish so I picked two more stems to bring inside. With a few columbine leaves it makes a miniature arrangement. The fragrance is wonderful and reminds me of my childhood in England.


  1. Good morning Jenny,

    What a serene and uplifting arrangement.
    Those flowers look so beautiful and I covet that vase.

    I wonder what those dafs are. Never saw them before.

    BTW, I read this morning that there is a Rose descended from R.Peace, that is called Rosa 'Grand-mere Jenny'.Applicable?

  2. These were the vases we used at my son's wedding. They just held a few tulips in the center of the tables( My dil's favorite flower). I use them all the time, often in multiples. Yes I could grow the Rosa- Grand mere "Jenny" with four of the little darlings and another on the way. I love the way it describes the color as having a tinge of burnt orange. The color of the University of Texas. We have a lot of burnt orange around here! I'll be on the look out for it.

  3. Nothing nicer than one's own flowers in the house. Those daffs are so gorgeous ... wish you knew the name; but I know how easy it is for us to have unknown favorites. I've got a few myself.